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Taking A Leaf Out

musharraf, america ,threat, terrorism

It needs some premise of truth to construct a lie howsoever naked and blatant may that be. With this belief, I am not fully with the detractors of President Musharraf who are out to rubbish so ‘diligent’ an effort of a soldier –turned- leader living (alive)- in the line of fire . Hidden behind cleverly chosen words , the truth peeps out . At times words murmur the truth. The memoir of President Musharraf has its share of ,like any other autobiographical book , boring indulgent details, stacked with instances of , glaringly and overtly., blowing ones own trumpet ; nonetheless has good deal of , may be slightly distorted ( from readers’ perspective) true account of events. Those too on such sensitive issues that most of the leaders , particularly of our own breed, will prefer remain tightlipped and take everything safely to their graves . In The Line Of Fire – A Memoir, may not find its place with the great autobiographical works but will provide a passage for posterity to find their own truth in the obscure world of Machavillian (read Bushy) designs of modern international politics and sanguine tragedies of terrorism. Cutting the crap , I take the proverbial leaf from the book, page 102-103, to prove my point. For the benefit of the readers, the italics in the following text are lifted straight from the book.

It begins bang after the bombing of WTC. Like the audiences across the globe , Musharraf also saw it live on his official television set . In his own description, it was unbelievable, the enormity of the event was palpable, a great tragedy and a great blow to the ego of the super power. If the perpetrators turned out to be Al Quaeda, Musharraf feared ( boss, you knew it damn) then the wounded bear of America would come straight charging to Pakistan. Obviously because Pakistan was the only country at that point in time maintaining diplomatic ties with Taliban and its leader Mullah Omar. September 11, an irrevocable turn from the past into an unknown future. The world would never be the same.

Musharraf made a quick statement on national television condemning the vile act and reassured America the of its support at the appalling time .

The morning of 9/12. While chairing an important meeting Prez Musharraf is informed of a call from Secretary of State General Colin Powell . To buy some more time to think, Musharraf conveys if he could call back after some time. His is not allowed the luxury. He has to come out of the ‘ important’ meeting to take the call. . General Powell is candid , in fact point blank – ‘You are with us or against us’ . It was a blatant ultimatum , nothing short of a threat. That is America ,guys ,if you have any doubts. Prez Musharraf was at loss of words , by the text of his vaguely put answer . The obvious was looming large over his mind space.
The next day , 9/13 . The director general of ISI who happened to be in US ( God or Musharraf will know as to what he was doing there) was summoned by deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage, to further elaborate the oneliner from Powell making it loud and clear that if Pakistan chooses to be on the side of the terrorists then should be prepared to be bombed back to the stone age. This hair raising dialogue sounds straight picked from a bollywood potboiler . Musharraf admits that it was a bare faced threat . A decision to hit back hard.

Dispassionately, in his military style analysis he weighed the options . He wants the reader to believe that he searched the options, knowing well there were none. He admittedly kept his ‘emotion’ aside which to his realization is meant for drawing rooms newspapers and movies .He is perhaps referring to the emotion of national pride . Therefore, for the fate of millions of people and the future of his country , needless to mention about his own life and future, he took the decision. The decision was based on the well being of my people and the best interest of my country. The people of Pakistan will always be grateful to you Prez only if you could tell as to why this noble thought skipped your mind when you decided to support, Taliban and their acts of terrorism.

I war – gamed United States as an adversary. This is one of the many moments of reading, one will really feel like dropping the book to clap for the president ( sarcasm intended) . The so called war-game would have finished before it started . With due diligence and analysis President finds the answer which he had already with him. Drop Taliban for Pakistan’s sake, for America’s sake and of course for Taliban’s sake. He has not missed to mention , the added reason, that India was waiting for the opportunity to invite America for providing a base in the sub -continent.

Thanks once again President Musharraf, this time on behalf of the people of India from saving them from the disgrace.

My advice to the readers -- calling bluff is easier then finding the truth. It has so many of truths , go find for yourself .

Published: 2007-04-15

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Trying to live many lives in one. A village urchin to high-profile media professional,a roller coaster ride.A rebellious school teacher in a desire to do something became a disinterested Intelligence officer in the government.Went against what the heart wanted and excelled in the field. Declined the Presidential honour. Quit at the peak and took plunge in the industry of Films and Television. Writing was always there.A poet,film writer with different view about god and religion and science.

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