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Tall Talking


Subba rao is a farmer. He had a little land. Totally his family depends on the field. His growths onions.

Recently one bullock was dead. Now anther one is necessity. So that he wanted it immediately. He will go to the market tomorrow to purchase new one.

Animal market is in venkatapuram village. It is near to his village with the distance of twelve kilometers. No better road to go there by vehicle. It is hill place. That’s why he decided to go by walk.

He started in the early morning with some of rupees.

He reached a village, and he took some rest in an inn. There one stranger met him. He introduced him self. That, I am Ranga belongs to nighber village of Rangapuram. Ranga took shaken from him.
``where are you going?’’ asked Ranga.
``I am going to Venkatapuram market’’ told him.
``I am also coming there. I wanted an animal’’ asked Ranga.
They are walking with talks.
``I am a big farmer, and great value to me in our surrounding area. In my field I have growth heavy cropped’’ Ranga told with proud ness.
``Haw much it was?’’ Subbarao questioned him.
``our village workers could cut the onions crope continuely took a week days’’ he anwsred with great full.
``no like that lazy wokers in our village’’ Said Subbarao with smlieing.

Ranga felt at shame. He understand tall talking is very bad and danger. A real dialog is very fine.
Published: 2008-07-19
Author: no no

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