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TEEN SUICIDE – the emotional conflict

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Teens are the most remarkable of milestones – both enchanting and overwhelming – for the physiological changes coupled with rising expectations both personally and academically could well reach it’s nadir when frustration and the inability to cope with the rapidly changing environment could well culminate in Teen suicide!

Teen Suicide is undeniably a matter of concern – considering that if statistics are to be believed – Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst those aged between fifteen and twenty four years of age.

The exponential increase in the incidence of Teen suicide is scarcely surprising considering that there are innumerable factors, which could contribute to this growing phenomenon.


· The stress and strain of modern day living and rising expectations of troubled teen parents
· Increased violence visibility over the media – television and newspapers
· The rising competition for college admissions and exemplary grades
· Increasing ease in access to weapons of violence
· Limited quality family time due to strained parent relations or long working hours


The more discerning of troubled teen parents who are more than desperate for solutions could well resort to adopting solutions of the likes of spending quality time like a family and ensuring a free flow of communication with the teen – for the majority of teen talk hinges on the perceived belief that the parents seldom understand or respect the teen viewpoint. The secret to successful parenting lies more in the inherent instincts of the parents rather than the teen parenting guides.


Suicidal tendencies in teens can be identified with considerable ease for they would display some or all of these which need no parental disciplining – rather it needs a compassion for comprehension and assistance which is the secret to successful teen parenting:

· Sudden slip in school grades
· A drastic transformation in personality with an withdrawn attitude
· A progressive deterioration of teen peer group relationships – be it getting along with boyfriends/girlfriends or be it colleagues
· Ominous signs of drug or alcohol abuse
· Showing signs of a disorder and abbreviation of attention spans
· Threatening to commit suicide and failed attempts
· Altered eating patterns and a concurrent change in sleeping trends
· Conceptualizing and writing on death


The perfect situation with few parallels – being happy teens who scarcely think of negatives like suicide are an outcome of successful parenting which is manifested by more than a few of the modalities:

· Talking it out – analysis and extended discussion on the joys of living and suicide
· Remove all lethal and potentially lethal weapons like firearms and pills
· There is more to teen talk than noise – a good listening parent is worth a million talkers
· Reiterate the expression of love and reassure for the teen is the most vulnerable of beings


Teen suicide then is a malady of modern times which needs more than disciplining the teenager for the teen perceptive could well be frustration over the most mundane of events which would scarcely need addressing – nothing more than some patient listening and a reiteration of the love that the parent has for the teen and may well need a more demonstrable way – which could be unique for every one of the sensitive teen parents for it is love and not discipline which is the need of the hour!

Published: 2006-04-08
Author: Aarti Narang

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