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Teenage Pregnancy

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Sex is good. That’s something no one can ever deny. But not until it produces another life people involved in the affair are not ready to have. They are not ready because: 1. they are not financially capable of rearing a child; 2. they do not want it yet; and 3. they are only children themselves and the list goes on. And that’s when they realize that not all good things produce the good outcomes- when it already produced the problem, teenage pregnancy.

The introduction of contraceptives to prevent infection and especially pregnancy during sexual intercourse has been done a long, long time ago. Before there have been condoms and pills, natural methods have already been designed. Although these are initially and purposefully introduced for couples who wish to suspend pregnancy, it is not limited to them alone. In short, they may also be a tool for the promiscuous beings for them to enjoy without having to face greater responsibilities of having babies at 13 (yes, there are victims this young).

I know these things not only because I have read them in papers, or seen them on TV, I experienced them myself. Well, not directly. But I have friends who made a very big mistake in one phase of their lives, giving into the moment without thinking of the consequences. One married at 20 after impregnating his then nineteen-year old girlfriend. He is now a father and provider to a six-month old son. Another married early this year after finding out of her pregnancy. She stopped her schooling while her twenty-two-year old boyfriend works at a coffee shop. Finally, the third and hopefully the last, is another good friend who was once in her life became not a very good daughter for bearing a baby girl at 18.

These may be stories not novel to anyone. We see teenage moms around and it has become a norm. But, this definitely should not be tolerated. Not only does it take away from these youth their youth, it also brings a lot of trouble to their parents and to those who look up to them (e.g younger siblings). Although having babies is a gift, it is something an eighteen-year old girl should not be given yet.

I call this madness Youth Suicide.

Despite the countless threats (from parents) and reminder (from people kinder than parents), somebody is still getting pregnant and someone just won’t stop donating sperms. So stop the lectures about banning sex for adolescents and young adults. It obviously does not work.

Centuries ago, holding hands was already fatal. One could get tied to the other person he/she would be seen holding hands with. But today, you can even kiss in public and get no serious attention from anyone. The society has become free and more “understanding” of the capabilities of people, especially the youth. We have become more accepting of situations and we welcome changes. It fact, we are fond of them.

One of these changes, as told a lot about in the first part of this article, is youth suicide (teenage parenthood). It is a fact, and no longer a myth that the youth of today, sad to say, are more careless despite the innovations. So we ask, what’s lacking?

The latest scoop from UNICEF showed that New Zealand and United States have the highest level of teenage pregnancy in among the developing countries while while Japan and South Korea have the lowest incidence.

A report by Save the Children found that, annually, 13 million children are born to women before their 21st birthday worldwide, more than 90% in developing countries. More likely, 3 out of 10 babies born are to a teenage mother. Two of every five teenage pregnancies are unwanted ones, more than 46% of young pregnant women resort to induced abortion.

Apparently, I have observed that today’s youth find these as solutions to a positive pregnancy test: one is to bet married; second is abortion; third is adoption; and fourth option for them, especially the ladies, are to pick their stretched uterus up and cope with the a crying infant, with or without a father and quit school to focus on child rearing or to find a job to help their families. Marriage is life-long, so only a few have enough courage to invest. Abortion is a desperate attempt to “correct” their deed, with the hope that it would do justice toward their irresponsibility.

This is a societal problem. I believe, though, that the government and other sects have done their contribution in educating and spreading knowledge on proper ways to address to this problem (although it may not be adequate, too). But they can only do so much. The decision still is left to the youth. I hope everyone realizes how much they can do to improve their lives. Sex is good. But they have to be good at it too- in all aspects including prevention of unwanted outcomes.
Published: 2009-06-15
Author: Melody Tinoy

About the author or the publisher
Melody Tinoy has been writing since 10. She had been a writer in her high school publication and served as an Editor-in-Chief in their official college publication before graduating. To date, she is a frequent contributor to local newspapers and magazines.

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