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Teenagers and the Abuse of the Internet

Internet,globalisation,glocalisation,teenagers,information superhighway,openness,online.

When the world first experienced it in the early nineties,the expression dotcom boom was created to describe the hustle,bustle and the rush to travel the information superhighway-the internet.

Many years later the urge to travel the information superhighway has develop into an addiction to some and to others it has become an obsession.

The internet unarguebly is the template of modern knowlegde revolution.We now talk more of globalisation and glocalisation.The world is made smaller and smaller into an hamlet through globalisation.

Cross-pollination and cross-fertilisation of ideas across boundries are more easier because of glocalisation,that is,the global localisation of ideas,techniques and methods.

People no longer need to go to places to see things for themselves or learn how a particular local delicacy is prepared,one does not need to live in the mist of speakers of a particular language before he or she can speak the language,aspiring polyglots learn their skills through the internet in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Many people are teking the part of online learning.Online courses in all ramifications and stratifications are gradually competing favourably with the traditional campus courses.Though costly online learning is faster and in most cases reliable.

Words like openness and transparency are becoming more popular and relevant.Openness and transparency here are not referring to their restrictive senses in the political or administrative parlance.Here we mean the openness and transparency of ideas,methods,cultures and traditions.

As the internet makes things easier,its also serves as a platform for criminals who are engaging in spamming and other forms of internet fraud.Teenagers are used as canon fodders to commit internet crime.Teenagers are also lured into sexual immorality through the internet.In many cyber cafes in Nigeria one is always greeted by many youths or teenagers who spend most of their time in the cyber cafes working for dubious businessmen who are into internet fraud.The situation was taken up by the financial and economic watchdog the EFCC but the government and its agents still have alot to do in the fight against internet abuse.

Some matchmaking, friendship,sexually or romantic websites are becoming canopies by which lazy and sexually curious and anxious teenagers take shelter to supress their anxiety and curiosity and grow lazier by the day.

Governments especially in the third world countries should be more concerned about the abuses of the internet.Security operatives should be assigned permanently to check the excesses of cyber cafe operators and users especially teenagers.
Published: 2008-03-27
Author: Chris Akpan

About the author or the publisher
I am thirty six years old creative writer and journalist,I live in Nigeria.I have been writing for more than ten years now.My writings appears in many blogs and an anthology.I am a graduate of ENGLISH LANGUAGE.

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