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Ten Important Tips to Lose Weight Effectively for Summer

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When the breeze starts to lose its coolness you know that summer is fast approaching. Excitement and anticipation push you to develop a plan ahead of time for your summer gimmicks together with your family and friends to the extent that you become so relaxed only to find out that you are not physically fit for all your summer adventures; your body tries to fit into your favorite bathing suit or swimming trunks but you find it impossible to do so. Now you need fast solution for your problem!

Don’t worry because you can still be able to lose weight for the summer. The truth is weight gain is the result of too much intake of fatty foods in which your body cannot eliminate. So, to be able to lose unwanted weights you need to minimize your calorie intake. Don’t forget that weight loss can be optimized by eating nutritious and healthy foods and engaging into a regular physical exercise to burn excess body fats.

Here are some simple and natural weight loss tips to help you shape up for your summer escapades;

Drink generous amount of water everyday

Professionals advice everyone to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday or even more as it is the natural way to cleanse the kidneys and push out toxins from the body. But not only that, water is a great appetite suppressant which means that you can minimize your calorie intake.

Stay away from the temptation of alcohol

If you are really serious in losing weights for summer, then try to turn your back from drinking alcohol. Everyone knows that alcohol can abruptly slow down your metabolism process. Some drinks even contain more calories.

Beware of desserts

Saturated fats are great agents in gaining more weights so, minimize on your ice cream and other sweetened foods.

Eat more high-protein foods

If possible include low fat meals in your diet regime such as cottage cheese, skimmed milk and yogurt. Not only that they are low on fats, they are also packed with more protein essential for the development of muscles and oftentimes serve as appetite suppressants.

Shift to natural foods

Vegetables and fruits, even if how sweet they are, their sugar content is low because they are natural. While the whole grains and beans are considered “good carbohydrates” which is digested slowly than others. Therefore, they also serve as suppressants.

Increase your intake of natural fatty acids

These kinds of fatty acids are essential for the metabolism of the body. Omega 3 is the best example which can be found in fishes such as salmon, mackerel, herrings as well as sardines. They will also help in obtaining normal blood pressure which will decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Eat more often

If possible eat more than three times a day with little amount of food. It will keep your body energized you so that you will have the strength to be active. It will also help you boost your metabolism.

Go for fibrous foods

Fibers serve as cleansers for the body because they cannot be completely digested and stay inside the body longer than any other foods. Aside from that, they will help push out toxins to keep your body healthy and fit. Fibrous foods include vegetables and fruits like apples, peas, nuts, broccoli, etc...

Regulate your cravings for sugar with spices

If you are a sugar-lover, then you need to take in more spices to neutralize your cravings. Ginger, pepper, mustard, clove and cinnamon are the best examples.

Take you supper early

When you are sleeping your body also slows down in digestion process thus, the burning of stored fats is also slow. So, take your supper early at least two-three hours before you go to sleep.

If you really want to lose weights, be faithful to follow these tips. These are the best you can do to prepare your body to face summer with ease.
Published: 2009-08-03
Author: Harold

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