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Ten Reasons Why Volunteering Beats Employment...And One Reason It Doesn't

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1. You're around a nicer, better-educated group of people. (Have you ever tried actual conversations with some folks on employed jobs? It's hopeless!)

2. You often get to CHOOSE who or with whom you wish to work with. Being THROWN IN a group often requires extremely great acting.
3. Volunteer working conditions are ALWAYS more pleasant. (You can set your own time, custom design your workday, etc.) And breaks can be taken! Many real jobs don't give breaks; some won't let you eat lunch! And many have prehistoric work equipment. Or none at all.

4. You're allowed as much time as you need to develop a new skill. How many of you have just started a new job and weren't TRAINED at all? Had to learn through trial and error, didn't you? I know you did.

5. You actually are happy and eagerly looking forward to going there. (No further comment needed.)

6. You're able to stay in a good mood because most people there aren't pissed off at the volunteer worker.

7. If a mistake's made, (unless it's a colossal doozie, i.e., you deleted all the computer databases) no hissy fits occur. It's chalked up to getting your feet wet, a learning experience.

8. You're not a part of office politics or backstabbing. (That's also why you can stay in a good mood.)

9. You can be yourself; let that REAL personality sparkle! (As a volunteer, people are more willing to work with your particular quirks; on employed jobs, it's often the other way around. Your personality's subjugated for the greater good. Doesn't this just suck?)

10. You don't get sick as often. Or FEEL sick, anyway. Or want to feel sick.

And the ONE (and only) reason that employment beats volunteering (unfortunately):

1.Money. (Sad, isn't it?)

Published: 2006-04-19
Author: Pat Jacobs

About the author or the publisher
Pat Jacobs currently writes about the world of 1960s music for (Rewind The Fifties) and also writes feature articles online and in print media.

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