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Terrorism has been a consistent problem but in recent times it has spreaded across the globe like an epidemic disease engulfing almost every country into its deadly clutches.Frequent bomb-blasts and terrorist attacks have posed a serious question about the security of the common people i.e. "aam janta".

Every citizen is being crowded by the clouds of uncertainity and constant peril to his life.A person moving out of the house is not certain that whether he will return back safely or will he be brought back into pieces by his kins.Though terrorism is a oft-discussed topic on the dining tables or in coffeehouses but there is no efficient solution coming forth to tackle this perilious and accute hitch called "terrorism".

Though many anti-social elements have been arrested by the security officers but "will catching a few terrorists will solve this gigantic problem?Will it gaurantee peace or will it stop birth of more terrorists?It's high time that we do something concrete to counterattack this problem.Terrorist activity exhibit a loophole in our security system.Every citizen is a cop and every one is equally responsible to outcast the burden of terrorism.On the first hand people should exercise thier franchise to vote properly and they should elect efficient leaders.When a couple of terrorists are able to terrorize billions of people then we the common people possessing an invincible strength should join hands and should come out of our comfort zones .We must nip the evil in the bud before we become its target.
Published: 2009-07-12
Author: Princey garg

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