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Terrorism - A subtle Movement

Terrorism, religion and threats and counter measures

We congratulate the British and Pakistani Intelligence agencies for foiling and averting a major humane tragedy and hope that all other countries facing terrorist threats would cooperate to check the scourge of terrorism. Infact, the world would be surprised to know that so far more number of people has been killed due to terror attacks then that of wars in last six decades. While hearing the news of foiling of a major tragedy at Heathrow Airport, I was not surprised but became more speculative about the target being selected next. How do to counter such challenges and track down an enemy within? The answer lies with in the cell of trouble. How do you see a Pakistani intelligence network averting such a major catastrophe? Infact, they deserve due applauses. I would like to make the search a little more explicit and limited to a particular section of people. So far the world has witnessed that, by and large, most of the Islamic Jihadis have been blamed and implicated for all such attacks on soft targets to get publicity and not the desired out come they perceived.

These terrorists have earned more of the hatred than accolade. While carrying out a discreet survey to determine the feelings of select community about the killing of over six thousand innocent people in the Mumbai train blasts, 9/11 world trade tower plane crash and 11/7 UK train bombing, I was surprised to find that most of the people were of the views that these were the acts carried out by the intelligence agencies of the various States to defame the Muslims. Nearly fifty percent praise the Jihad against the infidels.

When nearly fifty percent of young people support Jihad then how can we win over them by force? We need to review our approach to tackle the menace. Though individually no State can chick such attacks bur united we can reduce if not succeed in completely eliminating the threat. The vulnerability of air targets is achieving the greater heights. To counter the ever increasing threat we need to one; make a list of all possible countries from where such recruits are graduating; two, keep the tag of all people entering in the country through proxy; three, monitor the activities of people between age group of 15 to 35; four check the movement details of frequent fliers from one country to other; five, maintain an international data bank of suspects; and sixth, keep a close watch over places where such people stay.

There is need to address this problem globally. The USA, UK, Spain or India alone can not check this menace, therefore; there is a need to create anti-terrorists cells in each state. I would suggest one, the UNO has to evolve a universal strategy to counter threat; two, set up a unified information monitoring and sharing center; three create a universal databank of known terrorists world over; deal firmly with the nations supporting terror networks; four freeze all assets of such people and organizations; fifth, keep religion out of the gamut; sixth deal firmly with the captured terrorists as murderers, and killers and finally carryout minimum media publicity of heinous crimes.

I hope if we follow the above guidelines we would be able of overcome the problem or else we would continue to face threat of getting guileless becoming victim of mad teachings.
Published: 2007-05-16
Author: S Kalpna Sharma

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance journalist and am writing on various burning issue which affect the world order and a Common and Oridnary Man on Street (COMOS) such as terrorism/insurgency economy, teenagers suicide and woman pious body and beauty. Stress management and Art of Happy Life (HOPL).
I am also managing a NGO non registered and help people in distress.
I am a simple housewife who assists her husband in managing his professional life.

S Kalpna Sharma

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