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Terrorism and Ways to Combat it

Terrorism, Combatting terrorism.

A nation's integrity depends upon internal and external security. Terrorism is a threat not only to the nation's security but to the entire world community becoming a global phenomenon. Terrorism is an act in which organized groups seek to achieve their avowed aims through the systematic use of violence. Violent behavior is performed to create fear in the community for political purposes. It is accompanied by the helplessness among the masses which distort their rational thinking. It involves arbitrariness in violence with people reacting with flight, fright or fight responses depending upon their attitudes, mental level and the prevailing socio-political conditions.

The objectives of the terrorism include-(i)to cause the regime to react and over-react,(ii)to mobilize mass support, show their strength and the incapicity of the regime,(iii) eliminate opponents, informers and ensure the obedience of followers,(iv)magnify their power and strength,(v)to gain popularity through their terror by receiving attention from media and political system. In the recent times India has been the centre point of terrorist attacks. The cities like Mumbai,Ahmedabad,Guwahati, Delhi and others have been the soft targets of terrorism.It is high time to safeguard our nation's security from such inhumane acts. There are certain ways that can help to combat terrorism in our country:
(i)Enhancing effective intelligence interlinkages between various agencies across the world;
(ii)Formation of Global Security Force as a part of United Nations to address various aspects of global terrorism;
(iii)Adopting more effective intelligent methods in retrieving information about the terrorists, their associates, their modus operandi and their sources of finance and weapons. A central agency on the lines of Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) need to formed.
(iv)Imparting advanced and innovative training methods to security personnel to cope such situations;
(v)Improving security measures continuously at important places. Formation of District Intelligence Units to coordinate security mechanisms;
(vi)Cutting of economic aids and resources at the disposal of terrorist organizations with the help of other nations;
(vii)Community policing is a must option at local levels for creating awareness among people about how should they remain alert and seeking cooperation of the local people to gather information, if any;
(viii)Refusing to accept any demands of any group of terrorists i.e. total denial to negotiate;
(ix)Facilitating swift judicial punishments to arrested terrorists;
(x)A blend of counter-terror and anti-terror policies based upon American and Israeli models of combating terrorism.

The above measures can be adopted in combination with various developmental initiatives to involve youth in nation-building activities rather than indulging into such extreme kind of deviant behavior. Moreover, the message of peace and humanity should be propagated by the spiritual leaders across the world irrespective of any religion. International efforts have become imperative to face the global challenge of terrorism and the time has come to act unitedly.
Published: 2009-05-06
Author: Nitesh Dhawan

About the author or the publisher
I'm a person with diversified range of interests.I have deep inclination towards creative writing.I have sound academic background with M.Phil in Social Work. I have also submitted doctorate thesis in the above subject.My published works include a book on Social Work Perspectives and Collection of poems with articles in journals.
My areas of interests are Human Behavior, Psychology, Social Sciences, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement.
My future goal include freelance writing on above areas.

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