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The Pursuit of Happiness...

poem life happiness pursuit

Each day I wake to a dream new,

Each day makes me wonder.
Till the end shall I pursue,

Not willing to surrender.

Joy beckons, as I reach out for that star,
Eyes burning and a heart full of fire.

Object achieved, it seems bizarre,
For yet again, it's the other one I desire.
As i sprint along, winning race after race,
Some with pain, most with ease.
A glance at the mirror, and in it my face,
Anxious and insecure, I see no peace.
"What is it that I seek?", I ask myself,
"What it is I cannot find?".
Something tells me: "Happiness, what else?",
It strikes me as I press rewind.
It's always been about me,
For myself at each stage, the best I sought.

Happiness, more than the trophy,
To be won in the end, I thought.
Dragging along in mindless pursuit,
Darkness and despair, all around.
Helpless and tired, almost beat,
I peeked within, and the Light I found.

What joy it is but only a moment's thing,
That comes with success, and with failure leaves.
Like a pendulum it makes a person swing,
Between extremes, as he laughs and grieves.
Only the Divine Light I follow now,

To no more illusions I relate.

Happiness can't elude me now,

For it is to me, an Eternal State.
Published: 2009-02-10
Author: misal mehta

About the author or the publisher
I am student of journalism and mass communication.I love reading books and now even intend to write.This is a platform where I can interact with all the readers.

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