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The banning of Artists Works - The Da Vinci Code - Book and Movie


It is over three years since the church protested against the book the Davinci code and the movie that was based on the contents of the book. The Catholic Church was in the frontline in the fight against this book this protests by the church lead to the disbanding of the distribution of the book and the movie around the world. Most of us had not heard much about the book and the movie because the distribution hadn’t reached the parts of the world that we live in though the rumor had reach our ears and we had heard a little about it through the press. Like in Kenya, the book had only reached the capital, Nairobi and a few other cities when it was abruptly banned and each and every copy of the book and movie was then gathered and taken back to the authorities who are concerned with such matters .So, only very few lucky people watched the movie or read the book.

Now, the big question here is why the church and the authorities decided to stop the distribution of the book and it’s movie. Sincerely speaking this act is a very bad one and the constitution and lawmakers from around the world have to do something to save us from these old fashioned, outdated laws. Someonehadperhapsspend fiveormore years of his time trying to dig into history to find the right and true in formation about the matter, in this case the history of Jesus Christ and the church, about two thousand and twenty years ago, the money he used and the manpower and the instead of someone getting the information that he was trying to pass to mankind, he or she goes on to argue ignorantly against someone’s works, yet he did his research and recorded his findings for the rest of us to know through their records what they found out and the someone denies him the chance to achieve what he intended ,that isn’t a good act at all .What this world did wasn’t good and we owe the experts who were involved an apology and compensation even and we ought to let him and whoever they might have worked together to go on with what the were doing.

The same thing almost happened to Salmon Rushdie when he published his book, The Satanic verses. Islam almost blocked his way from sharing his findings about the religion and everything that he knew about the religion generally with this world. They even hunted for him an threatened to kill him,.

The question is, is the disbanding of an artists, or archeologists or any other kinds of experts work the right response to ones efforts in such a situation.

What we do is not good and we ought to mend our constitutions so that they fit with the times After an expert has used so much of his or her resources, it is not good to just throw away their works just like that or because of ones beliefs. You can never be too sure because, perhaps our fore parents made an error during their time and if someone among us found out the truth or stumbled on the right information about the matter we should not make it difficult for him or her to bring it before us, instead, we should even help him to do it, we should embrace him or her and her works, let us not deny each other the chance to express ourselves, it is a sign of backwardness. Instead, we are supposed to read or watch or do whatever that we can about this works and then go and do research about the matter to find out the real truth about it or find out about whatever might be going on in this world.

There are historians, theologians, psychologist, archeologist and the rest of them who would have been given the assignment to go and do research and find out about the writers or artists or whatever kind of experts the owner of the works might have been and the to enlighten this world about the matter. Stopping their works completely is an injustice and we ought to mend it as fast as possible. Gone are the days when people or rulers treated other people like animals who didn’t have the five common senses.

It wasn’t a mad man or woman who did it, it was an expert of some kind who did it and we owe him his respect for everything that he did.

So, the banning of an authors works or any kind of artists works shouldn’t be a solution for defending ones self against the contents of the works. They ought to let the people decide for themselves who to follow and who not to follow, every has reasoning ability and it wasn’t phonographic literature, it was spiritual and holy matters concerning the church and it’s history and the people who were involved in the making of the same history that we go on basing our beliefs and arguments on and using it as reference in our every day lives.

Let us not deny this kinds of experts the chance do their thing the way that they are supposed to be doing it .Let us be going to find out the truth about what they do or say by researching on it and the straightening out wherever they might have gone wrong. This is the best solution .So, let us have all the works that we might have banned in the past in this world passed to the people so that they can know or share whatever the experiences the producers of the works might have gone through then the experts of this worlds governments will go and do
Research and correct wherever we might have gone wrong .SO, let the book an its’ movie.
Published: 2008-04-13
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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