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The Barbie Dream House

barbie dream house

A real treat

The Barbie Dream House is a real treat for any little girl who loves this classic doll. This is one accessory to the Barbie collection that will most definitely bring many hours of enjoyment to your child’s playtime. The Barbie Dream House is a must for many kids who love to play with their dolls. Imagination and play go hand-in-hand. Your child’s imagination will run wild through this huge toy dollhouse. The Barbie Dream House offers just about every detail that you could possibly want in a tool for building imaginative play for your child. This is a favorite toy for many girls.

Large size and lot of details

The Barbie Dream Home affords much of the luxury of details through its relatively large size. The item offers three stories of fun for your child to enjoy. My daughter is in a virtual dream land when she plays with this massive dollhouse. She spends hours and hours playing with this, her most favorite toy on the planet.

It can not compare to empty box and towels

I decided to invest in this toy when I saw my daughter desperately trying to make a home for her dolls. She would use makeshift items that just didn’t do the trick. While I was impressed by her efforts, I just wasn’t thrilled by how seemingly disappointed she was in her projects. Empty boxes, shoes and towels go only so far. She really needed something more. And boy, did she get something more. Actually, she got more with the Barbie Dream House than I could possibly imagine. I was initially taken back by the massive size of the unit. This impressive doll house offers plenty of room for Barbie and all of her friends. It also offers plenty of room for enjoyment.

Not claustrophobic like other doll houses

Many dollhouses have a few rooms that are cramped and difficult to navigate. I remember playing with my dollhouse as a child and feeling pretty claustrophobic in the process. The open design of the Barbie Doll House is ideal for getting little hands in and out of the structure. Space is definitely not an issue when it comes to this roomy toy. There are plenty of rooms in the Barbie Doll house that have knock-out details that your little one will love. I am taken back by the many sights and sounds that this thoughtful toy offers. Details include everything from songs on the intercom to a sizzling stovetop and a doorbell. Amazing how much enjoyment comes with an item that stands three feet in height.
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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