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The Basic Education of The Islamic and Biblical Prophets

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God first of all educated Prophet Muhammed, Moses and even Jesus Christ in the New Testament before he fully commissioned them. Jesus Christ received the Jewish basic education in their Hebrew school as to enble him read the scriptures and write as well. Prophet Daniel was educted in Babylon before he was exalted in his prophetic ministry. Moses who wrote the ten commandment was eductated in Egypt of a very high degree so he could read and write the fingers of God of the ten commandment and become an auther of the five books of the bible.

God first of all educated prophet Muhammed through Christainity just as Apostle Paul was of Judiasm and was converted to Christainity. This conversion was necessary in the live of Prophet Muhammed to enable him have a foreknowege of the God of Abraham preached by both Jews and the Christains. From his study of the Abrahamic covenant, he came to understand that the teachings of the Christains and the Jews did not reflect Ishamel blessings and for his descendants as part of the Abrahamic covenant but only for Isaac descendants. Both the teachings of the Jews and the Christains shows racial discriminations against the decendants of Ishamel among the Arabs race and God is not happy over this discrimination in their teachings for complely erasing Ishmael descendants from the Abrahamic covenant. Therfore Prophet Muhammed was given this taxt of educating the Arab beathern that they too are part and percel of the Abrahamic covenants as descendants of Ishamel and not for the Jews and the Christains alone.

Similarly, Mose was educated in Egypt in the Egyptian way but had no knowledge of the God of Abraham but was also a worshpper of their gods in igonorance who has an authority of over Egypt regarded as a Prince of Egypt adopted by Pharoah’s daughter and moreso, was seperated from his Hebrew parents since when he was three months old untill one day he was told that he also was a son of the slaves who must not have equal right with the Egyptian Prince of Pharoah and was insulted and abused as the son of the slaves. Moses investigated the matter by knowing who were exactly his biological parents and was confirmed and then recognized his bioligical mother and Miram his senior sister who narrated the whole story to him. From that point on, he developed the interest of releasing his people from the house of bounge in Egypt but did not know how to begin. He heated to be called “The Egyptian” but rather “ The Hebrew – Son of the Slaves”.. He met an Egyptian and a Hebrew fighting; intead of seperating them, he killed the Egyptian and buried his corpse in the sand. Another day, he met two Hebrew fighting but came to separate them instead and said to the other. “Why do you hit your brother like that?” then the Hebrew replied, “Who made you a judge over us? Do you want to kill me as you killed the Egyptain the other day?” Mose was afraid thinking if it get to the notice of Pharoah that he killed and buried an Egyptian, he will kill him So he ran to his brethen living in Midian who were also the descendants of Abraham in Saudi Arabia and must have got this information from his parent that they have relation some where. Even Aaron his elder brother also goes to visit the people of Median as their relation in whose process the Lord joined them together to go to Pharoah in Egypt for their libration strugle. Here at Median , Moses started receiving his education in order to have detailed knowlede about the God of Abraham just has Prophet Muhammed go his knowledge of the God of Abraham through Christainity.

Here at Median, Moses became a scholar studing under Jethrow –his Father – Law who was a preacher and a Priest to the God of Abraham whose teachings was carried over from Abraham to Ishmael and to his descendants in Saudi Arabia whose education Moses did not receive in Egypt. Here at Median, Moses was informed about what God told their father Abraham with Ishmael that his descendants will be enslaved in a foreign country for 400 years and will bring them out with great pocession according to Jethrow his teacher. Therefore Mose was informed about the prophecy regarding the opression and libration of his people which he had already stared in Egypt unknown to him before he ran away for the fear of Pharoah. Thefore it become a great burden in his heart to free his people and will be praying to the God of Abraham in tears and was looking for an opportunity to talk to him about the freedom of his people in Egypt. Mose searched for the God of Abraham deligently and was not found untill he was forty years of age like the age of prophet Muhammed of Saudi Arabia as the prophecy of Moses in Deutoronomy chapter 17 implied.

One day he came to Mount Horeb and the angel of the Lord appared to him in the likness of a bush fire who called him in the midst of the fire and said to him “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob….” Immdiately, he bowed his face to the groud because he was afraid to look at God. Here Mose re-remembered immedaitely that he had come in contact with the God of Abraham face-to-face whom he was expecting to see since all these years in the land of Median. Then God commissioned him to go to Pharaoh and release his people from the house of bondage in Egypt.

Similarly, Prophet Muhammed being a true vessel of God was a deout Christain and was not pleased seeing his own people not worshiping the God of Abraham just for the fact that the Arabs see the religion of both Chrtainity and Judiasm as the religion of their enemies but instead worshiping other gods; so was praying to God on the behalf of his people for a change in order to bring them out of the spirtual bondage of Satan just has Moses was praying for his people suffering in boundage in Egypt.

His devotion in the Christain faith was too deep that he alone started going into the mountain cave for fasting and praying to the God of Abraham having acknowlege the fact that he is also a descendant of Abraham. It was in the case of his prayer and fasting that angel Gabriel appeared to him and then commissioned him to start the new religion called “Islam” meaing “Submission to God” being a mixtue of both Judiasm and Christainity on which faith he had already developed and was trained to preach. Having received some Arabic education, he was ahle to write those vision and messages from Angel Gabriel which he wrote in a book called “ The Holy Koran” This vision and messages came to him from time to time as each time he goes to pray at the mountain and those vision did not pour all in the same day but continue coming as long has he lives which he finally compiled shortly before his dead; it took Moses Fory years to finish writing his five books although some later part of Deutoronomy was completed by Joshua after his dead who was his personal assistance and successor.

Those teachings in the Koran have some slight differences from that of the Holy Bible; it was God that programmed it that way and does not want the two Holy Book looks exactly the same so that the Arab breathen could not feel that Prophet Muhammed copied from the Holy bible so that the Arabs could belive in his teachings also with the belive that they are all the descendants of Abraham through Ishmael and are part of the Abrhamic covenant. There are some portions of the bible agrees with the Koran while others do not as as to enable the Arab brethen see it as a different religion from Judiasm and Christainity while at the same time teaching them on how to aknowlege the God of their father Abraham as the supreme God who created the whole univeres and has no equal and he is invisible not like the man-made god of their fathers made of woods and stones.

Consiquently, the differences from the Koran and the bible brings about agurements as the Christains defend the teachings in the bible, the Muslims defend the teachings in the Koran. Therefore Islam is seen as the traditional religion of the Arab world and not of a foreign entity. If it is hot seen in that light, the Koran will not have its value as a Holy book and the Arabs will not be converted insteads will rely on their man-made gods of their fathers and still seeing Judiasm and Christainity as the religion of their enemies.

Therefore through the teaching of Prophet Muhammed so many Arabs become the true worshippers of the God of Abraham who are to have their share in God's kingdom annd when the two holy books will be harnonized all the differences will be put aside as the there religion wll become one.

Genesis chapter 3 to 4 & Acts chapter 7:20-22
Published: 2006-10-05
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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