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The Beat with the marks of Blasphemy (2)

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Jesus said that there will be great tribulation such as never has being; if those days are not shortened, no flesh shall be saved but for the sake of the elect (those saints on earth not rapture yet)will be shortened.

Revelation chapter 16 indicates the foul spirits like a frog coming out of the mouth the dragon, of the beast and of the false prophet performing lying signs and wonders in order to gather the whole world for the Armageddon war of nuclear weapons.

This revelation implies that the dragon produces the knowledge of the foul spirits, the beast is the democratic system of Greece and the false prophet is the lamb beast with two horns representing the United States and Great Britain known as the end-time Gog and Magog nations to rule the world democratically who is to excise all the authority of the of leopard democratic government of Greece as world powers by making fire coming down from heaven in the sight of men(the explosion of atomic weapons from air planes for complete destruction of human lives). With such lying signs and wonders he deceived the world and of whom it was said “who is like the beast; who can make war with him?” according to Revelation chapter 13.

Revelation chapter 16 implies that the fouls or false spirits like frog are performing the lying signs and wonders because there are similar to the biblical signs and wonders performed by God during the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and that performed by prophet Elijah and this will be an imitation to that using human knowledge in the advancement of science and technology in the end-times. This lying signs and wonder will gather the whole world to the battle of Armageddon of which Jesus said, “if those days are not shortened, no flesh shall be saved”(Mat chap 24)
According to Revelation chapter 16, the frog like spirit performing lying signs and wonders to destroy human lives are the atomic weapons which most countries in the world today are producing in case of a major nuclear world 111 which was first introduced by Gog of Magog which is the United States of Great Britain during the second world war. Apostle John in the book of Revelation chapter 16 described this atomic weapon as frog like spirit for the fact that atom is the nucleus of an element or the spirit of an element just like the spirit in the human and can perform far better than the ordinary flesh in the spiritual realm as one can use the image of a person to perform in the television or photograph; e.g. flying, walking on the sea, walking in the fire – any how you want and not the physical person. Just as you can perform better in the dream with your spirit than when you wake. This is what the atom of an element can do. The discovery of the atom is like the discovery of God the creator and you can use it create good and evil. Therefore this atomic weapon can destroy the whole world like God himself. Therefore through the advancement in wisdom through science and technology man has become like God and can destroy the whole world by his knowledge in the case of a nuclear world war 111; no live can be saved as Jesus predicted.

Apostle John tried to describe the atomic weapon like a frog like spirit and how they are mounted like the shape of the frog performing lying signs and wonders as man-made frog spirit.

Frog is hugely in nature with four legs; balance on the ground with its face upward and move by leaping into the air and land and leap into the air and land for several times depending on his destination.

Atomic spirit as weapons are mounted on carriage with their faces upward remote control by computers as a spirit; when fired depending on the distance, leap into the sky and descend to the target and explodes causing fearful destruction; some can leap into the sky and strike and leap up again several times before it finally discharged depending on how it was programmed. Fog lives in both land and seas; it can submerge in the waters like a fish for several hours. Therefore, Submarine carrying nuclear weapons can submerged in the waters for months and right from bed of the sea depending on the distance and the target can strike an enemy war plane far in the sky and can destroy cities with her weapons right in the sea without surfacing.

Fighter’s planes including helicopters positioned with their faces upward like a frog and takes off like a frog and fly to their destination and strike at their targets releasing nuclear weapons.
Still following the fog like movement, nuclear weapons are produced by the chain reaction process during explosion as the prophecy of Apostle John implied.

To continue in part 3
Published: 2006-12-16
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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