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The Best Lipstick, Your Best Pursuit


The history of lipstick

As is proved by most of the archaeologists, lipsticks originated from ancient Egypt. About 5 thousand years ago, the Egyptian used lipsticks with black, orange, and purple colors. At that time, both of women and men liked making a lip-painting. It became a local tradition there. At that time, both of women and men liked making lip-painting, which became a local tradition there. In Tang Dynasty, women who were dancers in palace always painted their lips with red lipstick. With the time went by, in some particular times, women who smeared their lips even could be seen as hookers. In modern times, lipstick is popular in the European countries as well as in the United States. Now China pays more attention to this kind of products and Chinese people are becoming more and more interested in it. If you have the same interest, join us in no time!

The colorful fashionable lipsticks bring you beauty every day.

In some formal situations, making a face-painting becomes a polite way for women before they go out to take part in some activities. As a result of this, women always take face-painting more seriously. The best lipstick will give you so sexy catching lips that you will be the most charming woman among people. One lipstick, which has a fashionable color and a good smell scent, is always preferred by many women. Lipsticks can also show someone’s disposition as well as her character. Do you want to be a charming girl? Come to visit us right away!

The feature of our product

This kind of product is made by Yangzhou Cosmetics Co., Ltd which manufactures lipsticks with pure color. The size of this kind of lipstick is 7.8*2.0cm. You can see the sample lipsticks here. If you want some other kinds of lipsticks, you are welcomed to visit this website. You will receive our products in 35 days on condition that you order them right now!

Made in china is your best choice

How can your business become better in china? Join us, and we will let you get in touch with more suppliers in no time. Don’t be hesitated!

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Published: 2008-04-22
Author: anny

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