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The Burning World

Green house gases, carbondioxide

Our world is burning with increase in temperature caused by Green- house gases.The main green house gas is carbondioxide,other green- house gases are:

3.Perflurocarbon and
4.sulphuric flouride

The increase in carbondioxide level in atmosphere is due to the result of deforestation(which means cutting down of trees).The deforestation and the conversion of forests into industrial hubs has stopped transformation of carbondioxide into oxygen.When carbondioxide remains in the earth's atmosphere it traps the sun's rays in the atmosphere which will lead to increase in temperature causing green house effect or global warming.If this warming continues the coastal areas would see a rise in the sea level,because of melting of mountain glaciers and expansion of oceans,which would put coastal cities under the water and will force the people to leave their original homes.

Not only rising water levels but there would be other changes due to global warming these includes hot summers for many parts of the world,which would mean more consumption of electricity,that will adversely affect agricultural production and mainly ecological balance.

Solutions to escape from Global Warming :

1.Conversion of coal to gas this would reduce pollution.Because gas contains only half the carbon of coal and no sulphur.

2.Use of renewable sources of energy like Wind Energy,Solar Energy will help to tackle the problem of carbondioxide emission and pollution.

3.Manufacturing fuel efficiency vehicle.

4.Planting more trees and plants (Afforestation opposite of deforestation)

5.Use of photo voltaic energy,it is a renewable source of energy which converts sunlight directly into electricity.This would produce little or no pollution and involve no safety risks.
Published: 2008-05-02

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