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The case of Universal Healthcare

The case of Universal Healthcare, Universal healthcare

Many countries, both developed and developing, have had Universal Healthcare systems in place for many years. As such, it is not the concept, but the level of universal healthcare implementation that calls for debate.

While government sponsored healthcare access is working well in many parts of the developed world, others are complaining of proven loopholes in the healthcare mandate. For the rest, however, healthcare access is still a distant privilege. The so-called greatest nation in the world – America -- is presently crying hoarse over the lack of adequate healthcare insurance for its people; millions of Americans (mostly children and seniors) are still uninsured for healthcare in the country.

As of now, even the United States does not have a universal health care system but does have certain publicly funded health care programs, and the federal law ensures public access to emergency services. The situation, however, is adding to the fury of a large section of the already enraged insured Americans who feel that their plight is no better as they are being put through unending waiting periods for proper medical treatment.

Ditto with the National Health Scheme of the United Kingdom. Though the healthcare machinery is perceived to be running quite efficiently, the backlog of patients waiting to receive even emergency healthcare is rather large. The government does devote attention to the most urgent cases, yet there are people who are forced to seek treatment in private hospitals, be it home country or elsewhere.

Countries that provide Universal Healthcare, whatever the extent, have their own mandates and they are mostly implemented through legislation and taxation for compulsory safety net insurance. Healthcare system of Australia, Canada, Germany, and several European countries are working well. If total Universal Healthcare became reality around the world, then the country’s administrative costs would be centralized and drastically reduced. Nobody needs to worry about healthcare coverage, if implemented well.

Proper execution of Universal Healthcare should help achieve United Nation’s age old declaration to provide adequate medical care to all.
Published: 2008-01-24
Author: Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

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