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The Clockwork Man: A High Tech Victorian Era Adventure Game

The Clockwork Man, 2 Dimensional, Hidden Object Adventure, Game Review, Rating, High Tech, Victorian Era

Miranda Calomy is a vivacious looking female engineer with a strong British accent. Her life is set in a fantasized Victorian era, Art Nouveau styled world of the early 19th century. In this alternate historical world, steam powered airships are the norm, many seen floating about over the skies of London, creating a splendid setting and a sense of intrigue for the start of this 2 Dimensional (2D) The Clockwork Man game by Total Eclipse. This Hidden Object Adventure game will take the player into Miranda’s universe, helping her find hidden objects needed and solve puzzles to complete her tasks.

Decorative styling of many things including the wall paper, window frames, doors, grills, and etc are influenced by the sway and fragility of plants, flowers, and vegetation - essentially Victorian and Art Nouveau. The high quality of the graphics in The Clockwork Man game is able to present the ornate details required by this Victorian and Art Nouveau art and architectural style successfully. Hence, the player will find that the 2D graphics standard of the Clockwork Man game is very pleasing indeed. A point added to the rating for graphics well done!

Game Play

The player starts the game on the date of August 30th, 1889 in London, helping Miranda clean her awfully messy room by finding objects she requests which, rather casually, is the first Hidden Object Adventure scene of the game. One of the objects is a letter from Miranda’s grandfather, Cornelius who is traveling abroad to conduct a great experiment and requests her to gather parts he needs and convey them to him, personally. The story will flow smoothly, offering many other different scenes like in the airship’s engine room and the hotel’s dining room for example.

The player can expect scenes in The Clockwork Man game to be very messy with objects scattered all over the place but not elaborately hidden like in the Escape Rosecliff Island game which may have objects questionably etched onto the walls, as legs of chairs, forming out a rock, & other unreal circumstances. Nonetheless, it is not any easier to locate things in The Clockwork Man game. So much so that using Sprocket, Miranda’s robot assistant whenever possible will prove to be more efficient for the player because it has special built-in gadgets. Interesting and realistic approach to game play gives The Clockwork Man game another rating point.

Innovation & Creativity

Some scenes have a unique Zoom feature although limited in use, adds an innovative touch to the game. Additionally, some scenes can be scrolled sideways, adding more visual pleasure for the player. A unique and creative feature of The Clockwork Man game is the cursor changes. The cursor changes into ‘pick-up’ item cursor which looks like a hand pinching an item or ‘interact with item’ cursor which look like gears revolving whenever it moves over particular objects.

Another creative feature is the ability to combine stored objects with each other to make a new item for a particular purpose. For example, a match can be brought over the burner to light it up, a pan brought over the lead weight to have the lead placed inside the pan, & the lighted burner brought over to the lead in the pan to melt it. Only then the newly derived item can be used in the scene. Genius! Another point added here.


The Clockwork Man game’s relaxing Classical music, piano tunes, and background sounds of steam engines all make up for an entertaining and laid back 2D gaming experience. Some of the music will have a rather mysterious ring to it but they are decently relevant nonetheless.


There is a also a Free Mode in The Clockwork Man game which allows endless playing of random hidden objects scenes; something extra appealing to players who like this particular Hidden Object Adventure genre of games. The Clockwork Man game is surprisingly decently priced at $19.99, available for play on PC computer with Windows XP/Vista operating systems. The game is well worth the price, a great buy in fact; offering splendid value for money and adds a final point to the rating, giving it an almost perfect score of 4/5.
Published: 2009-05-11
Author: Abas Kamal bin Sulaiman

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