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The Code Of Christ

Christ Da Vinci Jesus God code

A book and movie
Questioning Jesus authanticity
Supposely in a code
In the work of Da Vinci

We had the Passion of Christ
That showed Jesus human life
Now we have the other side
Trying to discredit God

The code to non-believers
Can sidetrack the truth
God didn't need to marry
He had nothing earthly to prove

God said what He had to say
In His book of love
Everything you need to know
Is in the chapter and verse

Jesus didn't come here
To sow His royal seed
Jesus came here to forgive
All that would believe

They talk of Jesus's blood line
That is the Holy Grail
His blood does have special powers
After they put in the nails

God made Himself human
Jesus took that form
So that man could be saved
From the blood from thorns

Writers are creative
About the things we write
Nothing will ever change my faith
I will always believe in the light
Published: 2006-07-03
Author: Timothy Davis

About the author or the publisher
My name is Timothy I am a published author of a poetry book called Poems and Lyrics By The Po-Lyricalturtle I write on many subjects somtimes political, spiritual, and many other subjects
I also write lyrics and have had a few collaboration with some promising possibilitys

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