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The Complex Theory of Existence

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I will not affirm that I am an atheist. I am just not satisfied on the explanation in the book Genesis alone concerning the existence of life. To have answers, I relied upon my own concept of the Evolution Theory, which I purely based from the scientific facts and the philosophical concepts I have learned throughout my growing years.

It all started from gases and dust particles that were scattered all over the vacuum-like dark universe. As time passed, these gases and dust particles gently were stuck together into groups, eventually forming the heavenly bodies as they slowly became bigger. These groups of gases and dust particles contained various elements that may have made up planets of different capabilities. And so in this case, only planet Earth, our planet, can sustain life. There are several scientific theories that can relate to this, but on what particular theory I based this on is solely left up to me.

Moving onwards, I must give credit to a famous man named Charles Darwin. Since I am an Earth-dweller, I will focus evolution on this planet alone. I should say that the undesolved gases and dust particles inside the Earth developed into life and later on became simple micro-organisms that inhabited certain places in the planet. As many eras passed, these single-celled micro-organisms evolved into organisms that are more complex. Some are huge creatures and some are minute ones. But when Ice Age came, hundreds of these creatures did not survive the weather, and as details said, these creatures died leaving us only with their fossils buried everywhere.

Divulging into a more specific point of Darwin’s principle, I go with him when he said that man came from apes or the primates though some would rather contradict to this. Periods went on, and these apes learned the techniques for survival – just like the previous micros who developed into complex ones. These apes learned to use their hands as they discovered tools around them. The physical image of these primates also changed as they adapted to their improving states. First, were the Hominids, and then came the Homo Habilis, and later on, the Homo Erectus.

Closing the above generalized history, I am now going to speak about the present man. We, as Homo Sapiens or human beings. Scientifically speaking, as advanced as we are to have analyzed the primordial flow of our neurons, we have also learned to follow the beats of our hypothalamus as well as the dictates of our cerebrums. Hence, we now covered the world with concrete and replaced trees with electric posts and branches with wirings. We literally transferred the mountains to the roads, putting up sky-scrapers in place of those. The once entire balance, which we do not prefer anymore, now becomes unnecessary. So to speak, we have guided missiles and misguided men. Smart bombs overflow the earth and pollution makes the maze-like world more than a labyrinth of terror.

Upon analyzing, a profound philosopher had said that everything began from dust and to dust everything shall soon end. Perhaps that could be true. I must agree because upon mere observation, planet Earth is slowly melting with the alarming presence of Global Warming and other natural calamities that are all deathly. Most probably, there will come a time when all continents will just be like certain regions in Africa wherein thirst and famine collide. And someday, the universe shall go back to the point where it had once started everything – a vacuum-like dark space full of gases and dust particles. But somehow, we really do not know what is going to be the exact future of this evolutionary existence.

To sum it all up, I cannot fathom my own analogy of the evolution theory and all the other scientific theories related therein. Nevertheless, as belonging to the newer and more advanced breed of Homo Sapiens, like everyone else, I am not satisfied with a single postulate alone. As a critical thinker gifted with a rationale, I prefer to keep on searching for probable answers rather than just ponder on the finite mysteries explained by the great being.
Published: 2007-12-03
Author: Geraldine Santua

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My passion is writing.

I actually cannot live without a pen and a paper or a Personal Computer.

I write about everything - everything that comes into my mind - about the world in general. I usually love to comment on things that most people find common and normal. I tend to go on my own way.

I don't really bother what people say about me. I don't even care if they find me sooo weird. All I'm into is that as long as I can express my worthiness then I'm alive!

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