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The convenience of steak house

steak house

Prefer to cook on my own

I have been an avid Chef ever since I moved off to college. My parents never taught me how to cook when I was a kid, so I was pretty unprepared for living on my own. Once I learned, however, I took to it like a duck to water. In general – unlike most gourmet food fans – I prefer to cook almost exclusively at home. I very rarely eat at restaurants. It seems like the food is more rewarding if I prepare it myself. The one exception, however, is eating steak. I love to go out to steak houses now and then for a tender filet mignon.

I don't know how to cook fattening food

You see, in most respects I'm a very healthy eater. I eat very little red meat, and only a moderate amount of chicken and fish. As a result, most of my cooking at home is healthy. I don't make unhealthy food in the house because I don't want to get used to having the option. I don't know how to cook steaks, hamburgers, or any other fattening meals. I could figure it out of course, if I wanted to, but then I would be tempted to eat that kind of food at home. Soon I would be putting on weight!

Steak restaurant chains

Still, every once in a while I get the hunger for a nice, juicy, medium rare steak. That is when I go to a steak house. I used to go to the outback steak house all the time. It was the only one I had ever gone to, and I thought the food was great. It was pretty convenient, located right in my neighborhood, and the service was always alright. I didn't realize how much better it could get, however. If you go to a real gourmet steak house, it will completely blow you away! You'll be ruined for Outback, Logan's steakhouse, and the other steak restaurant chains forever.


Even if you like your meat cooked until it is a dark, you should try medium rare when you order a good steak. You see, overcooking a meal ruins a lot of the flavor. A lot of people aren't used to the taste of a medium rare steak, but it definitely grows on you quickly. Once you get used to it, you'll order it every time you go to the steak house. After all, if you are going to cook your meat until there is no flavor left, why have a steak at all? You might as well get something cheap and low grade, like a hamburger.
Published: 2007-10-10
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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