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Drug abuse means an individual’s wrong or excessive use of drug, which has not been prescribed by a medical expert, or a physical or which is used against legal prohibition.

Drug abuse has become a matter of constant discussion on the Radio, Television and in the daily Newspapers recently. The menace of drug abuse in our country has reached a frightening proportion and it has pervaded every sector of our society.

The issue of drug abuse among our youths has become so troubling that if something is not done urgently about it, our future as a country may be reduced to rebbles because the youths of now are our leaders of tomorrow.

The manifestation of the dangers of drug abuse among our youths heed not be searched for as they can clearly be seen in the alarming rate at which crimes are being perpetrated by young people. These days, most often, these youths are people of feeble minds, unable to willfully act unlawfully but when such drugs as cannabis, cocaine , India Hemp to mention but a few are taken , they are turned into brutal beasts without the ability to control themselves and can do any to get what they want.

Drug abuse can also be clearly seen in the rate at which young people are confined to psychiatric hospital due to their over use of hard drugs which science has proven to have the ability to damage their brain cells. Drugs, which are made from medicinal substance formulated by pharmacists for the cure of people ailment is used wrongly and abused a cross the social strata.
A lot of people just walk across to the near by chemist to their houses to buy drugs which are not prescribed for them by a pharmacist or a doctor, thus, abusing the drugs.

I believe that factors which cause drug abuse among youths are; the home, peer groups and society.

As we all know, charity begins at home and whatever a child learns from home is most likely to remain In and with him for the rest of his life. If at home, a child sees his parents, elder brothers and sisters or members of his extended family smoke, drink or take hard drugs, the child will most likely follow after these people and authority because of the influence of drugs on him.

There are many cases where a child receives good home training on the evils of drug abuse but on moving out of the home into the School, the influence of his peers may cause such a child to indulge in drug abuse. So, the foundation which was built by home is destroyed.

The society which is the larger home of the youths is another factor which causes drug abuse among youths.

The influx of erotic western movies into the country has caused the minds of the youths to get polluted with images of people indulging in drug abuse on the screen.

As a child grows and notices that the norms in his society are immorality, corruption and drug abuse, he readily concludes that if other people indulged in it without being reprimanded then there would be nothing wrong with him practicing it himself .
There are lots of dangers in drug abuse. Infact, many families have endangered the live of their members through self medication. There are cases of many small children who lost their lives simply because their parents , out of ignorance, purchased drugs from the chemists and even in the common markets without any doctors prescription and administered such drugs on their children.

In our society nowadays, it is common to see young children with one deformity or the other. This is so because many pregnant women abused drugs easily. They simply buy drugs and use them without doctor’s prescription during pregnancy. The resultant effect of this ignorant act is that most babies are born with one deformity or the other.

Drug abuse also leads to the several psychiatric cases we have around in the country. Several youths take drugs such as heroine, cocaine, India hemp which affect their brain. They take these drugs ostensibly because they want to be in fashion and want to be daring and bold. Consequently, most of them constitute themselves into nuisance to the society and end up in psychiatric hospitals.

Many crimes in the country can be linked to drug abuse. The high rate of criminals activities is a point to the danger inherent in drug abuse. Armed robbers and the like operate under the influence of drugs which makes them to be so daring and ruthless in their nefarious activities.

A problem known is a problem half solved so goes the saying and so with the knowledge of some of the cause of drug abuse among youths; I will suggest that first and foremost, the home which is the foundation of the society must be rehabilitated.
The religious bodies have to play in emphasizing the teaching of moral values in the home and the insistence on the fear of God as the best way of keeping one out of evil acts.

The government should place a ban on erotic western movies which are brought into the country film market. This will go a very long way as information which one is exposed to will definitely influence one.

There should also be extra effort put in by the government to stop the sale of hard drugs in the market.

For a better country, a better crop of youths who know and avoid those dangerous drugs must be built up to carry the touch of our country into tomorrow.
Published: 2009-08-28

About the author or the publisher
am student of university of ilorin in western part of nigeria

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