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The Decline of Britain as a power

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The dawn of the century has seen a steady decline of britain as a major power in the International arena and that is a fact worth a notice. The ascendancy of the same to great heights of imperial power can be traced back to the colonial era of discoveries commencing from the late 15th century on. The colonial expansion to Americas, Canada, Africa, South America made Europe gain ascendancy over rest of the world. The opening up of trading world provided oppurtunities to many mercantile empires all over the world. During this era Britain steadily colonized the world.

The traders brought lot of wealth from newly discovered west. Britain systematically upstaged its colonial rivals like the Portuguese, Dutch, French and Italians all over the world. By the year 1750 Britain was by far the richest and most powerful nation in the world.

The subsequent era was once again dominated by frontiers in science and medicine. This era also saw the growth and final declaration of the USA as world’s first developed country. Still with a lot of colonies around the world at its disposal Britain was still the most powerfulnation, which had now leveraged its power from the lead of Europe in science and technology. The size of british empire was seven times that of Romans.

Then came the world war I which took a big toll but nevertheless saw the british allies comethrough safe and victorious. The post world war I era saw the steady growth of USA and its taking the place of Britain as a superpower. This transition midwifed the second world war an out come of which was de-colonization and liberation. Actually the era following the second war saw British power wane gradually. To start with the source of the great power of Britain was its territories and resources which it completely lost after second world war.

After the end of second world war the great Britain had to make a lot of re-adjustments to make up for the loss of colonies it had. Its willingness to display blind obedience to western dictats had in many cases backfired and also created a kind of gap which gave an opportunity for opinions that it is actually a sign of weakness that may be exploited and also that it had become all too dependent on the rest and also that it is willing to go more than half a way and bend down for some selfish interests and agenda that lacked any basis and also were bereft of truthfulness. Even while at the peak of its powers it had displayed lack of vision, planning and sincerity as can be seen in many of its administrative reforms in india that even today have led to innumerable disputes that were essentially focussed not on how services may be implemented very efficiently and systematically but only on how the competing parties maximized their resources and influence through laws. One other fall back of the colonial era is the “tamil” problem in very many states like srilanka which has destroyed them. The plantation workers from many states and mainly from deccan who were taken there by british and other colonists had demanded separation that led to civil wars.

Even during the post war era its policies were skewed more by feelings of anti-semitism,duplicity, anti-germanism and a kind of cynical, hypocritical, priggish, conceited view about the ancient system of the orient . This is very much evident from its espousing at the level of its international bodies the dictum:"keep Americans in , Russians and Germans out.". To add to the trouble, former PM Tony Bliar confesses that faith and religion are the most important things in his life. Mr.Bliar's inordinate amount of time at "schools of divinity" and stress on "religion" calls for more trouble. In a world that is strife torn by confusion and terrorism created by "religions" such stance that too from a former world leader can never be appreciated or tolerated. British also projected the ancient system that dominated the orient for centuries as being stagnant and retrogressive and this opinion made it a most preferred destination for many a hate spewing middle eastern nations which saw it as an amicable ally and a favourable destination. That such an act catalyzes destruction is all too well known to be prophesized.
Published: 2009-08-04
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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