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The diabetic truth

diabetes, life, balance

muddled mind game, comprising of unremitting boundaries to cross, a win in which would fetch you the priceless pride and glory of having obliterated the most stringent and the mightiest opponent of all apart from carving a life for yourself, a defeat would slowly but surely take you to the throes of what one would never even like to get a sneak peak into, misery and fatal health related complications.

A silent killer by profession, a gate-way to other afflictions is the least which could expound ‘Diabetes Mellitus’, a disorder than a disease in contemporary medical terminology, a bit of euphemism. Nothing less than staggering are the figures of a recent survey which reveal that more than 75% of the worlds population would be at risk of diabetes by 2025. However there is still a welter of population reeling under this disorder.

What gives me the impetus to write on a subject, the treatment of which could have multitude implications and perceptions is the intriguing nature of the disorder. Exercising doses of self-restraint, approved by an authority, apart from being flexible and enterprising in your approach is the best that can be done in order to deal with this juggernaut. What should be kept in mind is that too much alacrity shown to be enterprising could easily turn the tables for you resulting in a complete Volta-face in the existing opinion. Therefore the ability to balance things out either while eating or exercising should be developed by observing and analyzing of trends and coming to terms with the best possible one. This would definitely be onerous to deal with for some time but its infancy would certainly accrue long term benefits.

The saying, which goes “the better you sow the better you reap”, holds completely true in the case of countering diabetes and dealing with this disorder on a day to day basis, rather a session to session basis would definitely leave one impregnable on the road to victory and it wouldn’t be too late when one starts realizing the importance of fighting it the hard way, especially when the reward for it is, life itself.

Published: 2007-03-29
Author: sumit nanda

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sumit nanda

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