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The Difference in the ART OF DECISION MAKING

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The Difference in the ART OF DECISION MAKING

The people I respect in Business are all instant Decision makers . They DO NOT need to know every knowable fact first. They accept that they are going to make their share of WRONG DECISIONS and are confident enough in themselves to know that most of the time they are going to make the right one.

When we call some one as a Good decision maker , the judgment is usually based as much on how quickly and definitely He decides as it is on the results.

Decision making is more an intuitive process than an analytical one and no amount of market studies , focus groups and research reports is going to change the fact.

The problem is the more data that people have to chew upon , the more likely they have to are to under estimate the importance of intuition

In sales , The correct timing is often a matter of converting SENSORY perception in to CONSCIOUS actions. Decision making is also the SAME , But only the FLOW is REVERSED. It is taking facts and figures and converting then in to SENSORY perception .
If you eliminate the need to “feel” the decision , you won’t make very good decisions or you won’t make them at all.

Facts are Decision maker’s tools . But they DO NOT replace intuition . Secondly they won’t take decisions for you. Thirdly they are only as useful as your ability to interpret them.

Some people ignore the fact altogether( Don’t clutter up my mind with a bunch of details sort of attitude) but a far greater number use them to justify convenient or already established positions rather than the one the facts support .
It is obviously difficult to make good decisions based on self assuring – self justifying or self serving BAD CONCLUSIONS.

The best use of facts – marketing data , surveys, reports , what people are telling you – is NOT their literal interpretation but what they may indicate.
One kind of decision maker will say ,“We should not do this because three other people tried and failed”, but a Good decision maker will find out what all three did similarly and what all three failed to do similarly before reaching the same conclusion .


A circus keeps a Baby Elephant from running away by chaining it to a stake. When the Animal pulls at the chain, the cuff chafes its leg , and the Baby elephant concludes that to avoid pain it had best stay put.
But when the Elephant grows up in the circus still chains to the same small stake . The mature Elephant could now pull the stake out of the ground like a Tooth pick, but the elephant remembers the pain, and is too dumb to use the new set of facts – How circumstances have changed.
Many executives ate too dependent on OLD FACTS that worked twenty years ago.

I almost always go with my first impressions, but I let them settle in for a period of time. Decisions are and should be partly emotional , but it is helpful to keep your options open until the cold harsh light of day has had a chance to shine on them: Are there any obvious considerations that have not been considered? If none occurs to me on the first twenty four hours , this means they will probably never occur to me – or that by the time they do it will be too late anyway.


If you immediately start to second guess a decision you have made, it will most likely prove a bad one , not because it was a wrong decision , but because you undermined its chance for success.

A lot of questionable decisions have worked , because the people who made them were determined to make them work and a lot of Good decisions have failed because the people who made them never got over their doubts.

Published: 2006-03-31
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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