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The Different AKC Dog Breeds

AKC, dog, breeds

The American Kennel Club, or AKC, got its start in 1884 in Philadelphia, PA. This group of dog lovers decided to combine smaller groups and form one large group. The purpose was to get people together to show their dogs. The host dog shows all over the United States. These shows are special because of all the different breeds of dog that exist. The AKC moved its head quarters to New York in 1887. A small room was rented. Over the years, they have had to move several times because of the amount of growth and interest in the group. They have had many wonderful additions over the years also. More breeds including hunting dogs, hounds, and toy dog breeds were given their own category for judging. One rule of the AKC is keeping the breeds separate so that they dogs can be judged fairly.

In 1888, the AKC’s first publication, the American Kennel Club Gazette was published. It has never lost money or fans in over one hundred years. The gazette is filled with the latest show winners and other articles about different breeds. They feature different breeds every month and is filled with pictures and tips on how to handle a dog properly. The magazine is one of the oldest to be published. In addition to the gazette, the AKC publishes The Complete Dog Book, which is a listing of all pure breed dogs that are in the dog shows. This is a breed reference guide, which is published yearly. It gives an overview of past and present dogs that have won in past shows. Other publications include the web site, which has lots of information for people who want to know more about the AKC and all the wonderful programs they have to offer.

The AKC hosts not only dog shows, but also seminars and training sessions for people and their dogs as well as for children. These training courses are very popular and are taught by licensed professionals. The gazette has information pertaining to training seminars by region of the country. The AKC has started combining shows into one-day events to keep the public interested in dogs. Many people go to these shows to learn about the different breeds to dog. It is fun to watch the dogs on the floor. Breeders are available to answer questions and suggest places to purchase a particular breed of dog.

Over the years, the AKC had made improvements including new offices in New York and Raleigh, NC. They have also opened a dog museum in St. Louis, MO. The organization continues to grow with many people interested in showing dogs. A handlers license is required to show dogs. All the information is available in the web site. The AKC is dedicated to improving the life and enjoyment of dogs and their owners by getting together people who share similar interests.
Published: 2006-05-17
Author: PearlyWrites, LLC

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