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The Energy System of the Body

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Knowledge on the energy system of human body is not new, medicines of ancient cultures like Indian and Chinese already knew it at least one thousand years before Christ. Especially Chinese doctors have long since applied this knowledge for curing diseases. Now acupuncture as the most effective healing method based on the energy system, is well known by western medicine, too, though the utilization of it still mostly remains some particularly Chinese one. No wonder, the system and its working are quite sophisticated (what is simple in human body, by the way?); it takes many years, we can say decades, to get really familiar with it. So western doctors seldom feel the inspiration to study it. (They have got enough to study anyway, and this is so much different!).

But there are aspects of our energy system which may be important for anybody so a basic knowledge of it, with a few practical aspects of its functioning, may be indispensable.

Energy system of the body is composed of channels delivering the energy to the organs and tissues, with special points or areas where energy can interact with the outside world. This means the intake and transmission of energy.

Energy channels, named meridians, are considered to be just paths not physical formations like nerves or blood vessels are, though recent medical research found out that there were, indeed, differences in the structure of tissues at the places of the meridians and their special points.

There are twelve pairs of meridians, running in the skin slightly below the surface of the body, plus two single ones in the vertical medium line of the body, named the special meridians or Conception Vessel (front side) and Governing Vessel (back side). Of course, there are many other energy channels which deliver energy inside the body but those do not communicate with the outside world and therefore have not much medical significance.

Flow of energy in all these channels must be continuous and harmonized so that the organs and tissues are provided with enough energy to maintain their proper and healthy functioning. When the flow is blocked by any reason, with muscle tensions in the first place as the most trivial causes, circulation of energy becomes stagnant, resulting in energy lacks and energy accumulations in different regions of the body. Such imbalances impair the physiological processes at those areas where the affected meridians run, and after a while, if the balance is not restored, everywhere because the organs and tissues as well as the meridians function in close interaction.

Therefore, the appearance of a complaint or illness always occurs first in the energy system.

The imbalance of the energy is transmitted to the functions, so in the second step the abnormalities occur in functional level.
Functional disorders are those which later manifest in physical deformations in the tissues or organs.

That is why it happens that one feels unwell and still a medical examination cannot unveil the underlying problem. Energy imbalances cannot be detected by medical examinations, nor the majority of functional disorders can be.
And that is why we need to pay attention to our energy system and notice the imbalances in due time to restore healthy processes before an illness can form.

Noticing them is sometimes as easy as recognizing hot and cold areas in our bodies. Lack of energy usually causes cold, and surplus energy what indicates an accumulation, causes heat.

Another possibility to discover an adverse phenomenon in our health lies in our disposition during the day and night. For understanding this we need to get an insight in the simplest principles of how the energy system is functioning.

The twelve pairs of meridians receive extra energy from the body (directly from the Governing Vessel) one after another in a regular, steady cycle. Extra energy supply lasts for two hours in each meridian. The period begins at 3 o’clock a.m., and this is the beginning of a 24-hour life cycle. (Here is the reason for so many old peole dying in the early hours of the day, really the vast majority of them passing away between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning).

The 12 pairs of meridians follow each other in a determined order: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Urine Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Heater, Gall Bladder, Liver). Their routes also follow a regular pattern: from body to hand, from hand to head, from head to feet, from feet to body, and again from body to hand, etc. If there is a disorder in an area which gets the energy supply from a certain meridian, the energy system works hard to restore the balance, using the extra energy for it. Sometimes it needs to mobilize any possible resources for gaining more energy and this can manifest in physically perceivable phenomena. The most notable among them is regularly waking up at a determined hour of the night and staying awake until the relevant two-hour period (or even the next one) ends or, similarly, feeling a sudden drowsiness or falling asleep at a certain daytime hour, again until the period lasts. In such cases, knowing the above described ’organ clock’, we may also conclude to which organ or body part of ours is involved.
Published: 2008-04-11
Author: Emilia Kliment

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I have various qualifications and experiences. I spent many years with horse riding and horse training as well as studying animal behaviour, and also many years with practising and teaching herbalism and other alternative therapies. I have written tons of articles for about 30 years (animals; health; martial arts; etc.) and six books. I also translated and edited plenty of books. I practise and teach aikido, and I am interested in spiritual and esoteric disciplines, too.

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