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The Execution of Saddam Hussein (part 2)

Sadam, Excecution

The President George Bush administration of the United States has reached the peak of her glory upon he execution of Sadam Hussein. The United States introduces the weapon of mass destruction to all nations of the world which is now causing great treat to humanity who passed judgement on Sadam for processing weapons of mass destruction considering it as a treat to Isreal.

Sadam was executed by the President George Bush administration and not the people of Iraq. Irag was attacked for allegedly in possession of weapons of mass destruction being the principal aim of the war and not on the past crimes of Sadam.

The very God of Abraham anointed the ancient king of Babylon who destroyed several nations including the people of Israel who were taking as captive to Babylon . The very God cast him into the forest for seven years and still brought him back to rule Babylon until his death. Sadam has not committed the level of sins the king of Babylon committed against several nations of the world and was forgiven to rule again with the fear of the Lord

Sadam has been executed by the agent of the United States government set up in Iraq; she is now advancing to attack Iran all in the fight against weapons of mass destruction which she taught the world to produce and cannot not stop other countries producing it in which she becomes the Chief Supervisor and the Inspector General of nuclear arms using the United Nations inspection agency as her sole agent and Reporter.

She fought Iraq because she is protecting Israel and want to go ahead to attack Iran. You "GOG OF MAGOG" of whom it is written that God will put a hook in your jaw and will drag you from the northern part of the earth to the Middle East regions where you will be judged including all your allied forces as the prophecy of Ezekiel implied. The fish cannot he caught by a hook unless it finds a bait attached to it. Therefore God is using Israel as hook whose middle east regions contains the oil in abundance. Therefore Israel becomes the hook and the oil becomes the bait that attract you as a big fish using your military cooperation with Israel.

Now if all the Arab nations bring their weapons together in collaboration with the Russian and their Asian allied forces they cannot withstand you in the battle filed because of your weapons of mass destruction you have stock pilled and using the best air pilots and submarines fighters together with all your allied nations drawn from the United nations and NATO forces. Indeed you will crush them as the Islamic anti-Christ as predicted in the Islamic Hadith and in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 11 as the fulfillment of long range prophecy varies from one generation to another depending on the prevailing world situation and circumstances.

Now God will not allow a nuclear world war three to erupt else no flesh shall be saved. Therefore in order to avoid out break of nuclear world war, God will intervene and will pass his judgment on you directly. He is going to engage you in fiancé battle since you are the originator of the weapon of mass destruction.

You should have abolished the production of nuclear weapon knowing the devastating effect on man-kind during the first explosion in Japan during the Second World War. Japan surrounded to you and withdrew entirely from further involving in the production of weapon and become one of the most peaceful nations on earth but you advanced in order to fulfill the scripture. How can you become a peace maker when you are the producer of the weapons of mass destruction which has now circulated to the whole world bringing the world close to the edge of extinction in case of nuclear war outbreak?

In as much as you are the originator and the king of nuclear weapons, the battle of the God of Abraham will begin from your door step and then to the rest of the world upon the execution of Sadam Hussein - the Lord's anointed Servant like the King of Babylon of old.

The God of Abraham will smite your land with terrible biblical plagues such as never has been experienced since the United States come to existence. The biblical plagues will follow according to the prophecies in the book of Ezekiel chapter 39 and in other books of the biblical prophets which will include great flood, tsunami, fire, hailstorm with severe rainfall that will last for several days like in the days of Noah, violence, epidemic, fearful storm etc The United States cannot withstand these horrible plagues just like the Egyptians in the days of Moses.

There will be mass exodus from the United States and many people will return to their original countries. Israel will open her border wide for the inflow of mass exodus of the Jews resident in the United States. Some African origin will retun to Africa for re-allocation, Britons to Britain, French to France, Chinese to China, Arabs to Arab nations etc.The respective government of those seriously affected residents base on their races will evacuate them out of the horrible environment both by sea route and air route

"But I will spare Great Britain because of King James - my great Apostle and defender as I spared Jerusalem in the days of the Assyrians because of David my servant and there will be remnant in the United States who shall become great nations in my kingdom and will rule in the fear of the Lord. There will be the land of Goshen in the United States in which my saints will take refuge until the storm is over so as to give way for a glorious dawn. She will be spilt into three nations which will later give birth to small nations"

The heavenly war against weapons of mass destruction will being from the United States where it originated and then other nations will follow suit.

Quotation from the scroll. Rev. 19:11-21, 16:19-21, 18:1-end, Ezekiel chapter 39, ps 46: 8-11, Micah 7:14-17, 4:3-4, Isa 42:1-4, Habak chapter 3 & Isa. 52: 13-15
Published: 2007-02-28
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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