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The first people of the world


It is a fact that most humans, came to being in the continent of Africa, and merely spread after they discovered, the bane and Saviour of mankind, fire.

But also we take heed of the others, our distant neighbors the Neanderthals, a race of hunters, beaten by that fickle thing, intelligence, now we shall never see these remarkable creatures, though I have always look at my brother and thought otherwise.
But still we are dealing with humans, and not people, as humanity divided and people spread across the frozen seas, the world slowly was full of humans, and tribes and legends were born, a lot can link all creation stories to darkness into the light, which in scientific terms could be remarkable as to the cause of this, maybe they were victims to a super-volcano, brewing under Yellowstone park as we speak? or perhaps, a meteor?

We have a huge drop out of time, were tribes and camps of humanity are born and die, we take a trip at last, to Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamia was an amazing jump for humanity, as we saw the first aspects of civilization, humans farmed together, humans fought together, humans died together, under a king or queen, who built amazing buildings out of the sand, that amazed all and still amazes me.

In the Sahara desert we see the birth of the Egyptians, and another leap for humanity, we see stone structures, surpassing all others(except perhaps the Mayans later)as well as advanced law, and treasures in abundance.

But as with all talks about humanity and especially Civilization, we must take heed to those who made us a lot of who we are today, of course I speak of the Greeks.

The Greeks, first a raider, pirate people, developed a system of government that later we would call democracy, but the aspects of us are seen in the famed Golden age, were for example beautiful buildings of marble are built, and games, with all city states are held under the Mountain of Olympus, in a valley called Olympia, and they called them, The Olympics.

Some of the greatest minds of all time lived and died in Greece, to name a few, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, it is here in this small city called Athens, in a small peninsular, we see the birth of not humanity, but the birth of people.
Published: 2007-02-12
Author: David Fitchett

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