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The God In All Of Us

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Blues Musician Maimed But God Refused To Let Him Die

He claims his life was saved by his god, and any night of the week he can be found fronting his band playing and singing his own songs in celebration of what he calls the Music of Life - the Blues.

Alex Pithie or Mekong Doctor Blues a musician based in Bangkok, survived a bad hit-and-run accident in Bangkok a half dozen years or so ago, but literally within weeks of being treated under morphine in intensive care, he was back playing his music, literally unable to contemplate the confines of a hospital room, nor the fate of dying alone while his band, the Delta Boys, played on.

A journalist and Bureau Chief with AFX Asia News at the time of his accident, he was back at work just as quickly, surprising his London- and Hong Kong-based editors by delivering immaculate, printable copy on financial topics of the day with no signs that he had just undergone and survived brain surgery and other major operations, and mercifully spared any major side effects of being so brutally assaulted.

The driver who knocked him down on Bangkok's busy New Petchburi Road late that July night was never seen again, leaving his motorcycle, his wallet and two IDs behind.

“I forgive him. He was just a punter who was a little bit drunk maybe and who knocked down a foreigner now with blood pouring from his eyes and head, his legs smashed. Not surprisingly, he thought the victim was never getting up again - so he did a runner. But I wanted the cops to find him so that he could get his bike back. I know how important a bike is to a Thai guy and family in this town. Now I want to find him so that I can shake his hand, because he changed my life.”

“When that kid ran off, I did not find God that night. He found me. And he took me in his arms and held me tight as they cut me and opened my head and mended the broken bones. And then he walked every step with me until I was up and able, and then he watched over me, guided me and told me I was doing just fine - even when I just wanted to lay down and die, so tired and in such pain. Then he let me sleep for days on end until I awoke ready to go again. But this time with that beautiful warm voice in my head, deep in my conscious, keeping me strong and focussed and ready for the next step on my way to recovery - not just of my body, but of my spirit too.”

“It was a voice of reason and kindness and a voice that knew exactly when I was wrong, a voice that stopped me whenever there was a chance I might harm myself or damage my body or soul or both. How many times he told me ‘no’ when I wanted to go back to my old ways of drinking and drugging and smoking; or when I wanted to lazily cave in and let the ‘toxicity’ that had ruled my life before return to mess me up.

“When I was scared I was reassured by God. And when I was alone I had God. And when I was in doubt I had God. And when I was ready I had God. Because for a long time I thought I was hallucinating and even told anyone who would listen about ‘the voice’ that told me to be strong, to keep working and to ignore the pain and enjoy this precious new time. But it was not just a voice in my head - it was another force, a deeper presence in my life. Loud and strong but as silent as night itself. Kind and honest but much more than an idea whose time had come - the right idea from the right place.

"It was the God in all of us.”
Published: 2008-12-26
Author: Alexander Pithie

About the author or the publisher
Based in Asia, but European born, I am a freelance writer and editor who can generate intelligent features on any topic under the sun. Formerly with AFP and the Financial Times of London, I have been widely published and these days edit a number of web sites and blogs.

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