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The Good Ole Days

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Living in a world that seems to be based on solely materialistic things can drive a person to be someone they really don't want to be. It instigates envy, anger, jealousy, hate; as well as boredom and depression in one's own life. Why must we be focused on so many things that we can not take with us when we leave this world? Why must there be competition among people who just invested in what seems to be the best car in the neighborhood, or purchased the bigger house? Wouldn't it be a wondrous feeling if more people could just be happy with the simpler things in life.

I have often said, I would be blissfully content if the only things I had were enough clothes to wear for each day of the week, a cabin in the woods, and a horse and buggy to get around in. I really don't long for anything else. But I find that the longer I am around all the more materialistic attributes surrounding me in the world, it makes me crave things I don't really need. I even become depressed if I can't have something that I truly want, yet I know I don't have a real use for the item. Why is this? When did the world become so wrapped up in money and constant spending. What happened to the thrifty people, are they still out there? More than anything what happened to me? Am I to be lost forever in a world made up of money hungry carnivores? Is there no hope to simply live basically and see each other as equals instead of making sure our children are wearing the top name designer jeans and New Balance sneakers? I don't know about many other people, but to me personally, something just seems totally out of whack with this type of philosphy.

The world would be a far better place if we went back to the good ole country days. Those days where you could step out on your porch and see endless miles of open land, with cattle grazing and horses running free. No cars to pollute the air, no chemical plants sending their horrid ozone ripping fumes into the clouds. Just a land of beauty and people peaceful, but working hard in their life for what they have. This is what life really should resemble, simple, yet in harmony.

Because it is not, everything around us is out of balance and we are destroying ourselves. No one wants to consider having a simple life, they would rather continue to expand and accumulate. This makes me so sad for I am realizing that the world can not continue on in this type of feral craziness. I assume one day life will be simpler but I doubt very seriously if it will be here, ever. Simplicity comes only after we leave this rat race to find peace in a world we only can dream of at the moment. Until then, we ask, will we ever see it, is it really there. One can only hope.
Published: 2006-04-13
Author: Misty Keith

About the author or the publisher
Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles.

Misty Keith

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