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The good things about the show Little House on the Prairie

little house on the prairie

More the 200 channels on the cable

In college, we were told that cable would expand to include more than two hundred channels in the very near future. My teacher must have known what he was talking about, because it happened not long after he made his prediction. There are so many channels now that it is still sometimes impossible to find something really good. Sometimes, there are many good things, and you have to choose. This is much different from when I was growing up, and you knew when your favorites were on, and you made a date to watch them. One that I loved was Little House On the Prairie.

Realistic show

The show Little House on the Prairie is very old fashioned by today’s terms, but it was always a great show that had a very human touch to it. So many things that are on today have so much fantasy that you can’t relate. While l loved the show Friends while it was on, there were many things about it that were not very realistic. Little House on the Prairie, however, was something that always seemed to be real, even if some didn’t like the tone of the show.

Simple things in life

I don’t remember when Little House on the Prairie was on it’s first run, and for all I know I was watching reruns when I was young. I do remember I fondly though, and for a little girl, it was a great show about exploring the more simple things in life, and about human relationships in a world that does not seem to exist any longer. I haven’t seen the show on television for a very long time, but I suspect that it might be on somewhere sometime.

Good values

If you are looking for Little House on the Prairie, and you can’t seem to find it on television, you can buy it on DVD to share with your family. Children may be dazzled by flashy cartoons and the other shows of today, but there is something about that show that will touch almost anyone who takes the time to view it. The good values in that show are something that are hard to find today, and giving your children that point of view can only help them be better people in the end. I don’t know if watching that show changed who I would become, but I can’t think that if it did that this would be a bad thing.
Published: 2007-09-25
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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