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The Great Escape

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9/11/01 was undeniably the worst attack on American soil in 60 years. However, this was an attack by Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda, not Saddam Hussein. The underlying reason for America’s entry into Iraq was a distraction, a sleight of hand attempt to take attention away from the fact that we had no idea at the time, nor for that matter to this day, where in the world Bin Laden was.

I made the statement some years ago, that our engagement was in effect, a Vietnam in the desert. We have now been involved in this effort longer than any other military action in the history of our country, with no end in sight. We are hopelessly trapped in this engagement, as we were in Southeast Asia, with no way out.

For all practical purposes, we may never find Bin Laden, but we did get to execute Saddam. In addition, our attention has been misdirected for years from Afghanistan and our failure there. The killing of Hussein was in effect, similar to executing my brother for a crime that I committed, simply because you cannot find me.

In the meantime, we suffer casualties on both fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq. God forbid we become entangled in another arena, there will be no one left to send to war. We already have people spread half way around the world. How many war fronts can we maintain? The deployment of American troops to this ridiculously futile effort smells of the Kamikaze pilots of WWII. At the very best we may, after many more years, and the loss of many more lives, establish a functional government in Iraq., Meanwhile Bin Laden has been living and will continue to live a rather undisturbed existence in Afghanistan, or where ever he may be.

The most dysfunctional, distressing aspect of this multi – sided war front is that it has been so unnecessary. Had the effort that was extended on both fronts, been concentrated in Afghanistan instead, we may already have Bin Laden, dead or in custody somewhere.

When are we as Americans, going to assume our role in the direction of our government? The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights all give us the power to direct the actions of our government. How many more young men must die before we assume our role in government? How much longer can George W. Bush do as he wishes without any oversight? Oversight that we as American citizens are charged to exert. Do not lay down as we did in Vietnam, participate, run our government the way it was intended. By the people, for the people, and not by a small elitist few in government with their own agenda. Wake up America, please. Own your country again.
Published: 2008-05-03
Author: Gary Hammontree

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I include this because I feel that I have been given a mission. Having been forced to withdraw from school thirty – five years ago following a near fatal auto accident, I soon became caught up in life. Married, a child soon after; this quickly became my life. The following period was the greatest blessing I could have received. I was allowed 35 years to soak up life at different levels to regurgitate for my readers.

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