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The Growth of the Indian Film Industry in 2006

Indian film industry,Bollywood

The biggest leap for the Indian film industry in the year 2006 was the creation of its first super hero. While the country scoffed at aliens and sci-fi movies, and then a super hero, Rakesh Roshan walked away with accolades. Both father and son as a team, rocked the hearts of the nation, with the super suave action sequences, not to forget Hrithik’s Greek God looks with the super hero costumes. The special effects were first of a kind, and Hrithik took himself a step further with his performance. Thanks to them, we now have aliens, spaceships and super heroes. How refreshing from “love stories”!

Speaking of performances, he seems to be the only actor and superstar, who wants to do versatile roles. He was also the only actor who grew in terms of acting, and he had the audience rooting for him in “Dhoom 2” with his thief act. Thankfully, King Khan took a break from his monotonous Raj and Rahul characters, and played an exciting double role in “Don”. This was a step forward for the film industry, two superstars could play a negative role, and still bring in crores of Rupees to the box office.

Music. Sigh! We had a fresh batch of music directors, who just did not seem to get the idea of being innovative. They joined the rest of the band wagon, and shelled out mediocre stuff. As usual, most of the songs were “inspired” by songs from other languages. There is no prize for guessing the saving grace in the music field last year. A genius, and the only music director to have created a sensation nationally in the Indian film industry, A.R.Rahman composed path breaking music for “Rang de Basanti”.

Technically, we did not even try to take an effort towards creating better viewing for the audience. The only outstanding visual treat, was the action sequences in “Dhoom 2”. Directors stuck to the same old routine of rain songs, and we had to make do with repetitive pairing and old story lines too.

While the West churned out mind blowing scripts for Blood Diamond and Babel, we still followed the age old, boy meets girl routine. One film stood apart, “Kabul Express”. The South saw the biggest block buster of all time in Andhra, through “Pokiri”, whose story was lifted from “Donnie Brasco” starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, which the director very calmly claimed to be his own. If this was not enough, we had to watch remakes of old classics, which did not match up to the originals. This left the audience wondering if filmmakers ever got versatile at all.

In Tamil Nadu, big budget films with big stars failed to impress, while small budget films stormed the scene. But again they lacked finesse, and we fell back on the lewd comedy to save the bucks. Item songs, item songs, item songs. They ruled the roost, but do we have to see half clad women with their cleavages showing all the time? Is there not any room for sensible cinema?

The media played a very big role in hyping all the films so much, especially “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”, we thought finally we would stand on the international platform. However, even new generation films failed to impress audiences across the world. There was no room for us as at the Oscars or the Cannes Film Festival. Though we get shunned at such international events, our filmmakers just do not get the cue. No one wants to see glamorous heroines in foreign locales any more. The audience has grown to accept good cinema, and good scripts, which is why we have made Johnny Depp a bigger superstar than Indian actors on home ground.

The growth was stunted in the year 2006, but the year 2007 does not seem to be any more promising either. We are 50 years behind the West in terms of content. Why are we not doing much to move forward?
Published: 2007-07-09
Author: Swarupa Pillaai

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I am a freelance writer,who has just completeed a screenplay for an independent production company in the US.I also work on ahort news articles related to entertainment,especially movie reviews.

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