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The Heaven Shop

love, grandma, story

Binti is the main character in the story. She is a students as well as working part time for a radio studio, as Kettie (character) in a play called GOGO Family. She is little proud of herself in her mind. She has an elder sister named Junie, and an elder brother named Kwasi. Her father owns a coffin shop named “Heaven shop”.

Her mother passed away very early and later on her dad too. Every body believed that they died out of AIDS. Soon the children became orphan and they were separated by their relatives. One of the relatives took both the girls while the boy was taken by another relative. Kwasi was taken to Malawi and the girls to Lilongwe, the capital of Zambia. Thus Binti lost her job in the radio. Kw2asi was good at drawing. The relatives made the girls work. They didn’t send them to school. They grabbed their things and money. They forced Junie to work in the bar, which is owned by her relative. Day by day their angry on their relatives grew.

One day Junie left Binti with a letter asking her to go to her grandma’s house. She also told her that she will return to them in mean time. So Binti started to her granny’s house after taking some money from her uncle. Soon she reached there and told her story to her granny. A man named Jermiah was a helper who helped Binti to find her granny’s house. He was responsible to find her sister too. He is working for the AIDS awareness program. At the end the children met together in their granny’s house. But, Junie was infected with AIDS. She was very shy to meet them.

Later, Jermiah married Junie, he told her that he was also affected with the AIDS virus. Meanwhile to avoid the poverty, they started a coffin shop. They lived happily.
Published: 2008-04-30
Author: Deborah Ellis

About the author or the publisher
I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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