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The Hidden Heart

heart, goal, peace, eye, dreams, scenes

The heart of a man speaks a million to him. His needs, wants, desire are let known to him. His mind counsels, instructs, directs and encourages him to pursue a way of life. It tells him what to do and what not to do. It pictures him of the realization of his dreams and his ultimate goal.

A very close friend of the mind is the eye, of courses it is one of the gateways of input to the heart (mind). The eye, being a small organ, has a remarkable and a unique function to be done. It captures the outside world and presents it to the heart which is hidden in a man. Now the heart views all the images sent to it and it starts making its judgements on them.

Some of the images are liked by it and some are not. According to its likings, the mind asks for more of the images it wants from the eye, for example, a glorious view of sunrise or a cold stream trickling down a valley. These scenes are stored in the mind of a person and is recollected when he needs to get out of situation of anxiety or sadness. Not only happy scenes are stored but a variety of emotion related scenes, images arousing negative feelings are stored too.

Whatever brings pleasure to the heart of a man are craved for. The heart yearns to acquire it and also lets known the possibilities of its achievement. Man has ever been a slave to his heart. Yet, not all are into this bondage. The men who out ruled this, indeed, have led a peaceful, goal- oriented life. They have mastered their heart’s desire and channelled it in the path of their target.

Surprisingly, the heart has always been a great strength to these strong willed men. It has helped them to attain their goals, has given them happiness, peace and health, no wonder, wealth as well.
In a world of chaos and confusion, where people run to and fro, not knowing what they do, and trying endlessly in search of calmness of mind and success in all walks of life, this is the only solution. Never there has been any, and never will be any too, than mastering over one’s will.
Published: 2009-07-22
Author: Pearl Calvin

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