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The ideal period for buying quality furniture in Greece

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Especially between 15 January and 15 February, the discount period in Greece, there are a lot of opportunities in buying quality furniture from big manufacturers and firms in Greece.

That's because last two years the profits of the industry has been reduced -especially at the days of the crisis- and many of the furniture are remain unsold. That fact pushed manufacturers and firms involved in the field of furniture to reduce their prices in order to sell faster.

Furthermore at the discount period there are many firms reducing their prices from 20% to 40% in order to make the clients buy from their furniture and beat the competition.

I will mention about a firm which is involved at the place where I leave, in Glyfada. This firm can be rated as a medium sized firm and it has more than three shops.

They offer 15-40% discount on their furniture and even bigger discount if you make an order from their website. The firm is named Bamboo Bazaar and its website for anyone interested is: Furniture Bamboo Bazaar .

From time to time they have some special prices upon their furniture, I consider the prices as the lowest of my area, so for anyone interested in buying new furniture I would suggest to have a look on: furniture offers

Last but not least I will post a URL of a blog which includes many useful information about furniture, how to buy, where to buy, and things we have to know about furniture. Unfortunately the blog is only in GREEK language, so please notice that before you click on the link. Blog's url is:

All about furniture
Published: 2009-01-11
Author: nik xyd

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I am a Greek Web Designer and Co-owner of the PND Web Solutions firm, located in Athens (Capital of Greece). I am interested in discovering the World Wide Web. My favorite issue to occupy with is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That's all for now.

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