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The Image of the Beast that Speaks (2)

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The knowledge of image productions increases from black and white to colored images. Thus making the image of man and of other objects appearing in their exact colour; both mages of black and white production can speak from a recorded events. In other words, the image of a man speaks from a recorded firm and is not live.

The book of Revelation chapter 13 states that the image of the beast will speak live. In other words you can see the image of the person talking to you live and not as a record film or video.

The knowledge that increases is as a result of the heavenly technology that has been transferred to us here on earth. We are approaching the age of heavenly kingdom that will rule right here on earth and we shall be communicating with those in heaven just as the rich man suffering in hell below was communicating with Abraham above in paradise seeing Lazarus in his bosom. (Luke 16:19-31) Therfore, before that age comes the earth will be as well technologically advanced and in righteousness' in order to meet up the heavenly standard. The knowledge must increase through technological advancement as Daniel predicted.

In the ancient time, during war time horses known as beasts were used including the use of swords, spear and dagger as weapons. In Revelation chapter 16, the war horses breathing our fire and brimstone described the technological advancement as regards the use of sophisticated fire arms in the end-time which was not common in the days of Apostle John. Therefore the heavens too are advanced in technology and are still far more advanced than we on earth just like if you compare the technology of the advanced country and the technology of the developing nation; as a result people are now encouraging the transfer of advanced technology through foreign and local partner joint partnership so that the countries in the developing world could be able to meet up the modern day standard and to encourage further investment due to the facility that are available in the host country, which include good road net work, telecommunication facility, electricity, universities and of course good government.

Therefore the heavenly government required more advancement in science and technology and righteous government. Thus the knowledge must increase and as well as righteousness in order to meet up the heavenly standard.

Like the war horses in Revelation chapter 16, our modern day war machines breath out fire such as automatic raffles, machines guns, cannons, submarines and fighter planes producing bombs that explodes in the battle filed which now represent the war horses breathing our fire and brimstone as the prophecy implied.

Now in heaven they have what is known as the four satellite beasts full of eyes round about. This is the heavenly communication satellite system that monitor the affairs of the whole world working on a 24 hourly basis being implied as not resting day and night in singing holy, holy, holy,.....(Revelation chapter 4). Therefore, the heaven is able to transmit live images on any part of the universe by monitoring and recording the activities of every individual to be replayed on the day of judgment; so every individual has his own recorded video tape which will be used as evidence against you on the day of judgment. Therefore Jesus said, "man must give an account of very word uttered; by your word you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned" (Matthew chapter 12)

Therefore the film or video tape was given to the angel of the Lord which he replayed it to Apostle John as he watch called "vision" or film show. The universal communication satellites provides telecommunication services to produce the sound of the image. In order to make it lively, the sound and the image has to be produced together and the result is called" Television". Therefore television produces both recorded of past events and as well as current or live transmission of the image.

The book of Daniel chapter 7 reveals the emergence of the leopard beast of Greece and chapter 12 reveals that Knowledge shall increase and the increase of knowledge began from the democratic system of Greece of the leopard beast from Aleksandra the Great of Greece which introduced the Greek educational systems which has engulfed the whole world which educational system gave birth to science and technology and the democratic system of government that rules the world today. Therefore the book of Revelation chapter 13 described the democratic system of government as the leopard beast of Greece.

With the introduction of the colored television, one can see the exact image of the man and any other object quite unlike when it was produced on black and white. The television cannot produce the image and the sound lively without the communication satellite. The heaven also use the wireless communication system; in order words, you can hear the voice of an angel speaking to your hearing but you cannot see who is talking to you just as the way our modern day GSM mobile phone works the same is applicable to the radio which only produce sound but you cannot see the image; but with the introduction of the television you can see the exact image and hear voice as well.

The television net work can cover specific regions such as local, state, national and even international coverage depending on the type of the communication satellite use. With a powerful global satellite communication system, we can view live images in the television during sporting events such as Olympic games originated from Greece, Commonwealth games and world cup matches right in our sitting room and we can see and hear live transition from world leaders. Using the global communication satellite network, the television has become the best medium where the word of God is being preached known as the everlasting gospel to be spreading across the world covering every nation, tribe and tongues as predicted in the book of Revelation (Revelation chapter 14)

To continue in part 3

Published: 2006-11-30
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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