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The image of the Beast that Speaks(Part one)

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The book of Revelation chapter 13, reveals that the false prophet who shall enforce false democratic system of government of the leopard beast from Greece, will give life unto the image of the beast so that he can speak which will fulfill in the end-times.

The image worship was introduced during the ancient kingdom of Babylon ruling the whole world and people were forced to worship it although this image could not speak. Since the book of Revelation is a reflection of the book of Daniel, it implies that the image of the beast can speak now during the democratic era of the leopard beast of Greece in the end-times.

Image is the form of an existing object, the likeness or resemblance of the original object. God created man in his own image. Man can create his own image through ark working such as drawing and caving from wood or stones, such as the images of great heroes sometimes use for decoration, symbols on logos and for religious purposes such as the brazen serpent of Moses, the two cherubs on the Ark of the covenant, the image of lions surrounding the throne of King Solomon etc but they cannot speak because there is no live in them.

The book of Revelation chapter 13 reveals that the false prophet which is the false democratic system of Government will involve giving life unto to images to speak as leaders. The book of Revelation chapter 13 is a compound prophecy for the fact that it has lot of biblical mysteries that require explanations base on the current world development unlike in the days of the Apostle John. The book of Revelation chapter 13 implies that within the democratic system of Greece in the end-times, the images of beast will speak live and clear just like the original person and the book of Daniel chapter 12 says that knowledge shall increase and people shall run too and fro.

In the days of Daniel, people walked several miles to their destination even in big cites; very few could afford donkey, horse, carmel, etc and could not accommodate as many persons as possible in a journey coupled with low speed to cover long journey but within the democratic era of Greece, man has invented cars, trains, airplanes, ships, speed boats etc that can accomodate good numbers of persons depending on the type of car,bus, train, air plain ect; keeping our streets busy carring people running to and fro and we can travel to any part of the world in speed even as far as traveling to space and landed on the moon. However before we invented on earth, the heavens have already invented and we are copying from them through inspiration known as "transfer of heaven technology".

Prophet Ezekiel was the first to see a space craft made of heavenly technology with loud sound and travel very fast like the speed of lightings. The space craft was called" The Whirling Wheels" with which the Lord of Host used as a means of transportation.(Ezekiel chapter 1 and 10) Knowledge increased from the Greek education as the steping stone of the modern knowledge; major universities and education such as mathematic known as the king of science, physics, astronomy etc began from the Greek democratic era and the holy bible was first translated into Greek being the source of the English translation.

The source of modern Knowledge started from Greece which spread to Europe and then to the world, Such was the wisdom of the leopard beast of Greek which educated the world as was first predicted by prophet Daniel and reflected in the book of Revelation. Now as knowledge increase from one step to another, man began to produce human image using modern invention and the first he produced was called "Photograph"; at first it was produced in black and white and as knowledge increased, it developed to the production of colored images of both persons and other objects looking like the original; from then it moves to the production of moving pictures known as films.

In this case, your image is seen walking and talking like your real self . Apostle John was the first to see heavenly film show in the Book of Revelation; the firm contains recoded events on things of the past, present and the future. The film package or video tape as is now called was delivered by Jesus Christ to the angel and the angel now replayed it to Apostle John and was watching it at the sky appearing like a film board and he could not described it so he said, "I saw heaven opened or I saw a portent in heaven (meaning the position where the film was projected just like the wall of a cinema hall being open as the images of the film appears as if the wall was opened and Apostle John was watching it at the sky and you can even see the original stars far at the background because the firm was suspended in the sky very close to you to watch. Now in that firm show, Apostle John was watching at what shall happen in heaven, the earth including the seas, Armageddon war etc.

At the end of the film shown, Apostle John bowed down to worship the angel to express his gratitude for showing him the film but he rebuked him (Revelation chapter 1, 12, 17 and 22) To continue in part two

Published: 2006-11-30
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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