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The Importance of Education in an Ideological State - Pakistan

Ideological State, Education, Pakistan

Before we attempt to explain the importance of education in an ideological state, it is imperative that we highlight the meaning of ideology and what really comprises of an ideological state.

Ideology is a set of aims, goals, objectives and actions that allow us to view things in a particular perspective. In the case of our beloved country Pakistan, it was Islamic ideology alone that conspired the visions of our great political heroes all of who joined hands and created the first Islamic ideological state in modern history. We may also call this as a unique creation as Pakistan was not created as a result of a geographical conflict, territorial domination by any group, instead it was based purely on principles of Islamic ideology that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.

Having briefly described ideology and an ideological state, the importance of education in an ideological state now becomes more comprehensive and understandable. Progress and development in any state, including an ideological state depends primarily on education. Since the concepts and ideology of Pakistan is based on Islamic principles, Islam too emphasizes on the importance of education as do the states of present day era. If one were to view the development of countries from the East to the West and from North to the South, whether they are Hindus, Christians, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists or believers of any religion or faith, each nation who today stands as an example of progress owes it entire credit to the importance of education of their masses.

Moving forward to the importance of education in an ideological state, one may very clearly view the examples of the Father of our beloved nation, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, as well as other leaders including Sir Mohammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Ali Brothers for whom education alone was the cornerstone of their success in both their personal lives as well as political and academic leaders. Mr. Jinnah fought the Hindus and British not as an illiterate person, instead as a successful Barrister at Law and having studied at the prestigious British Universities. Same is true for Sir Mohammad Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and the Ali Brothers.

If one were to view the importance of education as entire communities, and a peek at our own history, one would clearly see that at the time of creation of Pakistan, how education acted as a key factor in the progress and development of Pakistan. Taking pride as an ideological state amongst the countries of the world, those of us who studied and completed education, and also imparted education to our children not only continued as successful citizens; but took Pakistan to new heights in practically every field of life. From the field of politics, to science including Nuclear science, education created heroes including Dr. Abdul Haque the famous economist, Dr. A. Q. Khan, the famous nuclear scientist and hundreds of people respectively like the above said heroes.

Hence the importance of education in an ideological state, without which nobody can progress towards development both in personal terms as well as a nation state.
Published: 2009-11-12
Author: Ziauddin Khan

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