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The Internet Evil

Internet, Evil

The introduction of internet has revolutionized the whole world!! Every thing now goes thru the internet. With the use of search engines like Google, e-Bay yahoo, msn, services, buying, selling and all kinds of information as well as news come in handy.

Today, everything becomes a commodity and thus is subject for business transactions in the internet. Pornography as a commodity is the most marketable and child pornography constitutes one fifth of all internet pornography(source:NCMEC- National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

According to Wikepedia child pornography refers to material depicting children being in a state of undress, engaged in erotic poses or sexual activity. These pornographic materials are posted all over the internet and can be accessed by anybody, anytime in any part of the world if you know the website and possess an international credit card. The websites include bukake,!!. One needs no formal training in order to access them. Just type suggestive words like sex, children and age and presto your screen will be flooded with tons of nude pictures of children and videos of children actually engaging in sex and sometimes being raped!!

Child pornography is very rampant specifically in Asian countries like Thailand, India, Korea as well as in the United States , Russia, United Kingdom etc. Recent studies made by U.S. and U.K. reveal the following disturbing revelations;

1)The United States Department of Justice estimates that pornographers have recorded the abuse of over 1 M children.
2)The British based Internet Watch Foundation reported that child pornography on the internet is becoming more brutal and graphic, the number of images depicting violent abuse has risen fourfold since 2003. (Source of both studies Wikepedia)

It’s a pity for these children because they are just the victims here. They engage in this kind of activity and allow themselves to be exploited for any sexual purpose because of extreme poverty and also earn them decent amount of money.

On the business side it’s a good one. Child pornography is a multi billion dollar industry and according to studies, the industry together with the adult sex industry earned billions of dollars in the past years and still growing.

On the other hand there have been several reported suicide cases recorded in the past caused by internet. Take the case of one student who wrote thru his blog frustrations in life, this was picked up by another student who also felt the same, sympathized with him and after a few exchange of e-mails both decided to end their perceived miserable lives!!

The September 11 attack on U.S.A. by Al Qaeda terrorists headed by Bin Laden is a classic example of how the internet can be so bad. According to FBI investigations , the terrorists communicated, coordinated and planned its execution thru the internet.

Internet has also been instrumental in carrying out several deadly attacks in schools and offices. According to police reports the weapons used were purchased thru the internet. Also, stolen items are being peddled openly in the market using internet.

These are but some of the bad use of internet. It is saddening because internet should be used to help mankind!! The people who invented and introduced it did not think of it as a tool to exploit or be used in any illegal manner!!
Published: 2008-11-24
Author: Samuel Pinaroc

About the author or the publisher
Im an employee working with a government agency that caters to the needs of the indigenous peoples of the philippines. Thes belong to the 110 major tribes all over the philippines. I write articles that deals with people specially government officials who are crooks. This interest in writing started during the time of the Marcos regime where there were a lot of ills of the society which at that time cannot be exposed otherwise you go to jail or you die. This is my contribution to the society

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