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The Jericho

The jericho, the wall is fallen, who will save the world


Attention, Attention, Attention, Please all passengers on board should ensure they tighten there seat belt before the plane take off {Plane take off}


MARY-Yes son

RAPHAEL-Grandma will be happy to see us

MARY-Yes darling she will be exited

RAPHAEL-Mum, where is daddy

MARY-He will be back soon

DANIEL-Am back darling {kiss her} oh Raphael you are awake, how was your sleep

RAPHAEL-Fine daddy

{The plane stewards are looking worried,}



DANIEL-Don't you think the stewards are worried

MARY-Maybe something is bothering them

DANIEL-Let me ask if everything is under control {Daniel walk to one of them}

DANIEL-Sir, what’s happening you look worried?

STEWARD-It seems the plane is facing a big technical problem and it is very dangerous

DANIEL-Jesus Christ, so what’s going to happen?

STEWARD-I don’t know we just need to be prayerful

DANIEL-Alright {Daniel went back to his family}

MARY-Darling what’s happening

DANIEL-Un, the steward said the plane is facing a huge technical problem which is somehow a bit hard to solve

Attention, Attention, Attention. We are really facing a technical problem; I repeat we are facing a technical problem all passengers on board should be praying for God support, it’s getting beyond what the technician can solve

{Noise alert on plane}

A LADY-Oh lord please comes to our aid, save us

A MAN-Bullshit I never wished to get on board today, you see what you have caused Magdalene I will never forgive you for this

MAGDALENE-I never knew this could happen; all we need now is to keep faith in the lord that he will save us

STEWARD-Everyone the plane is losing its control, the electrical link to the tunnel is lost, and everything is getting out of control, I don’t think we could survive this if the problem persists
{Noise in the plane}
MARY-Lord why is this happening

PILOT1-Am afraid there is no way out, the control is lost

PILOT2-Let’s ask God for forgiveness of our sins



OWEN-{Calling the international Airport Florida} Good evening we have not seen any sign of the plane which is coming from Florida, what’s happening over there

GERARD- Stop kidding, that can’t be true the plane left for over twenty one hours ago {Kelly enters}

KELLY-Sir, we just got a report that the plane coming from Florida crashed some hours ago

OWEN-Jesus Christ

GERARD-Hello, are you there, can you hear me, can you hear me. Hello are you there. Please answer me


MARK-Good evening, it has occur of a disastrous and tragedy plane crash in early hour today, it was reported that the plane was coming from Florida to Liverpool when this occur. Two Hundred and Twelve people were confirmed dead. Latest on the crashed plane, we got another report that a young boy was found still alive and he is likely to be the only survival. We will get back to you as we get new reports and clips on the crashed plane. We pray such a bad tragedy never occurs again


Paul the church reporter enter the church chancel to meet john the head pastor he has been with the church in the last eight years after been transferred from the grace catholic church in central London.

PAUL-Good day sir,

JOHN-Good day Paul, I was told you want to see me

PAUL-Yes sir, I receive an email few minutes ago from the Holy Land Catholic church from a minister of God called Thomas in New Zealand he said that you should send jack, smith and Elizabeth to him and he note at the last line of the mail that it is very important because it has been revealed

JOHN-What has been revealed?

PAUL-I don’t know but I think it is important

JOHN-That is strange

PAUL-Sir, he also said he is going to fax where and when they will meet him

JOHN-But we need to know what all this is about, I will suggest you should send an email to him so he could enlighten us more about the revealed or what do you think

PAUL-That is a good idea I will send a mail to him

JOHN-Please be fast about that so I will know what to do next

PAUL-I will do that as soon as possible {he stands up and take his leave}

JOHN-That is strange, what does he mean by it has been revealed


PAUL-Good evening sir

JOHN-Good evening Paul, so what report have you gotten today

PAUL-Sir immediately I left yesterday I send an email back to Thomas and he replied later in the night

JOHN-So what does he says

PAUL-Something strange sir

JOHN-What is it, tell me

PAUL-Well sir, he said it has been revealed to him by God that Makazim his planning a great feast and he must be stop before anything strange happen to human race

JOHN-This is serious, we need to do something quick about that

PAUL-That is right sir

JOHN-I need to get Jack, Elizabeth and smith right away


WILLIAM-Pastor, two men and a lady are waiting for you in the church hall

THOMAS-What did they called their names

WILLIAM-I wasn’t told but they said they are from our lord catholic church in Northern Ireland



THOMAS-let them in quickly

WILLIAM-Okay sir
{Minutes later he lead them in.}

THOMAS-Welcome to our chapel, have been expecting you all day. Please sit down we need to discuss an important issue, William please excuse us

WILLIAM-Okay pastor {he left}

THOMAS-As I had said earlier that I have been expecting three of you for a while now, I sent for you for a very important discussion. You see in this life we need to fulfill our destiny, we are all born for a meaning and purpose

JACK-Yes that is true but I don’t seems to understand what you are saying, I mean what brought such matters

THOMAS-Alright I need to go straight to the point. A week ago I was in the wilderness praying and fasting. The lord spoke to me about something, something that scares me a lot, this has given me a lot of worries immediately I heard I felt pity for the world coming to an end if they are not stop

SMITH-Who must be stop?

THOMAS- it’s a great disastrous if Satan and Makazim plan for the earth come real

SMITH- Makazim

THOMAS-Hum, you see makazim is a strong man full of evil hearted soul. Let me put it this way he is the second in command to the devil called Satan. He hates all what God has made, he is even evil than the devil himself, now he is willing to help Satan the devil to accomplish his mission to take over the earth and its people. So he is preparing a feast in few days time, and it is all about taking over the world, and the only hope left for the whole world is us the Christians

JACK-This is really serious, so what do you want us to do

THOMAS-You have a lot to do on this issue, in the first place I became scared I cried out to the lord that what will be the faith of his children if this evil befall the earth then he said to me fear not because through him there is way where it seems to be none and he assure me that no matter how strong their wall is, it shall fall before him

ELIZABETH-So what’s the plan?

THOMAS-though many are called but only few has been chosen, You see someone is about to decide is destiny, because for this to stop, makazim must be destroy and there is only one chosen person who can stop this ridicule that is about to befall the world


THOMAS-in this mission to destroy makazim and his evil deed is a war submitted to four out of billions of people, three of you are here now it remain one which you have to find before makazim get him

ELIZABETH-Why will makazim wants the fourth one

THOMAS-Makazim will make it possible to get him, because something different is in that boy that makes him special let me say he is the only one destine to destroy makazim. He is the only key to Makazim downfall he has two options, to save the world or oppose God and accepts Satan

JACK-So what are we going to do now?

THOMAS-Three of you are chosen as his protector and companion in the mission ahead, you need to find him before makazim does and let him knows the mission ahead of him

SMITH-Is he a Christian

THOMAS-I don’t know

JACK-How are we going to get him, his name, where he leaves and all details about him?

THOMAS- I knew a little about him. Is name is Raphael Jordan a boy of eighteen; he leaves in Liverpool

ELIZABETH-What about his family

THOMAS-His family, Hun that is a terror remembering in the heart of the poor boy

SMITH-What happen to them?

THOMAS-In my findings I found out that he lost his parent in a plane crash fifteen years ago, but I was surprise he was with them in the plane but he survived the plane terror. This is the daily newspaper 17th July 1992; Families lost in plane crash, young Raphael Jordan escaped crash and also in the middle page he was reported has the only survival

ELIZABETH-That is serious, what a poor boy, I felt pity for him

SMITH-God is wonderful, a young boy escape such a great disaster

THOMAS-That shows us how great our God his

JACK-So when should we move to Liverpool

THOMAS-Immediately, you must bring him here in the next three days because I have the feeling that Makazim his planning on how to get him. So you must act fast before it’s late. {EXIT}


FERNANDEZ-Hello lady and gentlemen, welcome what can I do for you

SMITH-Good day my friend we came here for a little help and I believe you can help us out

FERNANDES-I will, if I can

SMITH-Well we came to look for an identified young boy, he lives here in Liverpool, he lost his family in a terrible plane crash some fifteen years ago and he was lucky to be the only survival

FERNANDEZ-What a terrible incident, I felt sorry for the lost families, so what is your relation with the young boy

ELIZABETH-Well, we don’t really know him, but we know a lot about him, so we need to find him

FERNANDEZ-But on a normal circumstances it is an illegal transaction by the government to reveal about or location of anybody to strangers that is not in any way related to the name he or she has stated

ELIZABETH-Please it is very urgent we need to get to this boy very fast, help us. It’s important than what you think and we meant no harm

FERNANDEZ-Am sorry I can’t help you out its illegal

JACK-Why can’t you just get it {jack gets annoyed} we need to meet him {he hits the table}

FERNANDEZ-Sir it’s impossible, next person should come please
{They left the counter and went to the customers seat}

{Fernandez waves to them}

ELIZABETH-I think he is waving to us

SMITH-I think so, let’s go and meets him
{They went to him}

ELIZABETH-You called us

FERNANDEZ-I can see how worried and panic you are over there, I felt bad seeing three of you in such a mood but am only doing my job and you know it will be contradictive if the board finds out that I release personal data to unknown people, at least I need to protect my job. but I have this strong believe that you are a nice person so I will help you out


FERNANDEZ-I will, all you need to tell me is the full name of the boy

ELIZABETH-Yeah, his name is Raphael Jordan

FERNANDEZ-Raphael Jordan


FERNANDEZ-Let me check it out {minute later} yeah have gotten his data, will you put the information down as I speak

ELIZABETH-Okay I will let me bring a sheet and a pen {she brings it out of her bag} am listening

FERNANDEZ-His name Raphael Jordan, born the 6 February 1989 Florida, he stay with his grandma but it was not disclosed here that he lost his family in a plane crash. Current address 16b south coast avenue, Liverpool and it is the place he has been living since 1992

SMITH-We are very happy for your favor and we really appreciate it

JACK-Thank you very much, my good friend we consider your effort for us,

ELIZABETH-Thank you very much, you are a real nice man, we will be on our way now,

FERNANDEZ-That's all, you can go, but don’t tell him how you get his data

SMITH-We wont let you down, trust us

FERNANDEZ-I trust you, you can go
{Lights fade}



SATAN-Hello boy how are you doing today

RAPHAEL-Am fine, who are you

SATAN-You don’t know me but I know you I can feel your pains your agony and fear of the death of your family, you see ever since you are born I have loved you to existence of willing to make you my child. And I believe you knew that every man's dreams are to have an offspring, someone he can trust and rely on and I can see that in you. Just take a look into the world, see how pleasant it was. I am the controller and the commander of everything that posses on it, I decide everything about it. So I am promising you today to give you all these and all beautiful thing of life.

RAPHAEL-You can’t be serious, giving all what you have possessed unto me

MAKAZIM-Am serious but on one contrary

RAPHAEL-On what contrary, wait a minute I don’t really know you and you are willing to give me all you have, its strange I don’t need it, I only want to concentrate on my future

MAKAZIM-It’s a good idea for you to face your future and be focus, but also think of having the whole world at the palm of your hands, and the contrary am saying is easy for you to abide with. I just want you to accept me as your lord and messiah and everything of the world will be yours forever. Believe in me and be my successor

RAPHAEL-{Thinks a bit and decides} I don’t know you I can’t accept the offer you are a stranger go away from me

SATAN-Listen son am going to take care of you I just want you to come to me, accept me

RAPHAEL-No, I don’t want you all I got is enough for me

SATAN-{evil laughs} you are mine and no one can take you away from me, even you can’t decide, I decide for you. Accept me and live in peace

RAPHAEL-No, I don’t know why you still come my way I said I don’t want you and all you possessed
{He wakes up and get scared and heard a knock on the door}

RAPHAEL-Coming {walks to the door and open}

ALAN-Hello, good morning am Alan the pizza courier got one for you

RAPHAEL-Thanks how much is it

ALAN-Just a pound

RAPHAEL-Alright, this is it


RAPHAEL-Bye, see you next time. {he shut the door} another knock at the door} who is that again {He open the door}

ELIZABETH-Hi, good morning am Elizabeth this is Jack and this is Smith, we came here looking for someone

RAPHAEL-What the name of the person you looking for

SMITH-Well, His name is Raphael Jordan

RAPHAEL-Who gave you the address

SMITH-Never mind about that

RAPHAEL-Alright I am Raphael Jordan, so what can I do for you

ELIZABETH-Oh, nice meeting you Raphael can we come in we need to talk

RAPHAEL-I don’t know anyone of you so how could we have something to talk about

ELIZABETH-You will know us if you give us a chance

RAPHAEL-Hun, okay you can come in, but am still worried how you got my address

JACK-Never mind it’s just from a friend

ELIZABETH-Can we sit down

RAPHAEL-Yes sit down {they sit down} so what can I do for you

ELIZABETH-If you don’t mind can we pray before anything

RAPHAEL-Any how you feel

ELIZABETH-Alright let’s pray, I will lead. Heavenly father, king of glory, on your authority we have laid on as we have come here today, lord lead us as we pass through our days of difficulties and guide and protect us. Amen {All}

SMITH-You see Raphael we have come here for an important issue which is very important to every human life. I want to ask you a question Raphael what do you understand of something called destiny

RAPHAEL-UN I don’t really understand what it means but I heard people saying it is about your purpose on earth, but as for me I don’t believe in it all I knew is you decide your future either good or bad

SMITH-You don’t believe in it but it exist even in you there is something destine for you, you are not just born for nothing

RAPHAEL-I don’t know what you are talking about, I think you should just let go straight to the main issue

ELIZABETH-You see Raphael we came here because of you and it is because you are destine to a great mission which is ahead

RAPHAEL-Mission, mission for what

ELIZABETH-A mission of you, and everyone

RAPHAEL-You know what, can you go straight to your point and stop all this even all what you are saying is like parables I don’t understand

JACK-Raphael, look we knew you more than who you think you are, we all move around the world but we are all different with different mission. So that leads to yours. you are born and destined for a great mission. A war between the righteous and evil, you are destined to fight for your people, to save your world. A great destruction is about to befall your people. You are the only hope of the world

RAPHAEL-What are you saying am I a soldier or a swat that you want me to fight for the people .am asking all of you? Would you please stop all this

SMITH-Don’t get this wrong, this is not a criminal case or a national war but a war of the world. The war of our lives that depart evil and good

RAPHAEL-Hey, stop that, I can’t just understand why is all this coming to me don’t make me go mad

ELIZABETH-Have you heard anything about this before

RAPHAEL-Yes, for a long time now, a man came to me most of the time asking me to trust and accept him as my lord and he will give me all he possess and most of the time he keep saying I should renounce him

ELIZABETH-That is strange, so what do you tell him

RAPHAEL-I denied him and all his promises but he also said I can’t run away from him and keeps threatening me to accept him as my lord

ELIZABETH-Thank God you never accept him, you see the man that appeared to you in your dream is evil and he is trying to ruin the human race. He surely knows that you can stop him that is why he is hunting for you
{Raphael looks worried}

JACK-Please follow us to stop is will, for the sake of everyone and for the sake of your family

RAPHAEL-Do you know anything about my family?

JACK-We know everything about you, do this to make them happy

RAPHAEL-{He walks to a safe box and brings out a picture album} you see this is my mum, dad, sister and myself we have once be a happy family before the disaster that claim hundred of life I later lost my grand mom two years after the gruesome crash, but I felt surprise in everyday of my life when I remember that event and how miraculous I survived the crash

SMITH-That shows that the living God is always with you, so he is asking you to stop what is about to befall your world, our world, let’s be together to prove the devil wrong

RAPHAEL-It’s hard to join in this great adventure, but I accept the challenge I will follow you and this came from the depth of my heart. So how do we move?

ELIZABETH-All you need to do is to believe in God thy lord, have faith and focus on your destiny so then we can move on to destroy Makazim, so do you believe in God your creator

RAPHAEL-Yes I believe in God, and I promised to follow the trail to destroy Makazim

JACK-That’s great and let move on to the task


JACK-Priest we are back

SMITH-Hello is anybody in

ELIZABETH-I don’t think there is someone here let check the chancel

SMITH-That’s right {they moved down the stairs leading to the chancel}

JACK-Oh there he is, good day priest, how was your day

THOMAS-Am fine and you all

JACK-We are feeling okay

THOMAS-So how was the journey

JACK-Well and nice, we thank God that everything went well

THOMAS-{He sighted the young boy} good day young man

RAPHAEL-Good day sir

THOMAS- you must be Raphael Jordan the world hope

RAPHAEL-Yes I am Raphael Jordan

THOMAS-Nice meeting you, My son we need to talk, please excuse us for some minute. {They left} I believe you have been told much about why you are here


THOMAS-Okay, you see my son I want you to have it in mind that every man’s life has a meaning. at first I was surprised that if Makazim must be destroy it has to be you, but I realize God works is full of wonders, for someone strong like Makazim which heart is full of hatred, evil deed and many bad act will be finished by a young boy. I say unto you, you are a destiny child and the future of the earth. Fulfill your destiny and give the world a new hope

RAPHAEL-I never believe and have faith in God before, because I felt if he had loved me he wouldn’t have let my family died mysteriously, but when I met Jack, Elizabeth and Smith and they let me understand what the true living God require of me and how great and wonderful he is, now I believe in him and surely will always be by my side. I must say right now I have met him and believe in him and will do everything he wants me to do

THOMAS-Let me tell you today that Makzim has been devoted for destruction and your mission his to destroy him, he will be looking for you in all ways never give him any chance. Jack, Smith and Elizabeth please come over here {they went to them} the war has started four of you are going together, don’t be afraid his amazing grace will be with you all, you will face problems but remember your God which you serve will be with you always

JACK-So how are we going to get to him?

THOMAS-God has revealed the only way to him it’s a bit hard but you have to pass through it, so are you ready for the first puzzle of the adventure
{Four of them look each other and replied yes we are}


THOMAS-So here we are now, I will leave you to Francesco, he will lead you to the way, he knows the only way

FRANCESCO-Don't get worried, I will show you the way. I know all ways I nearly get to know the way to heaven without death

THOMAS-Francesco stop that, everyone knows that’s impossible. So son of God fear not for he is with you always, be free. I need to be on my way now

FRANCESCO-You see I haven't heard much about makazim but trust me I will show you the way, so are you all ready

SMITH-We are ready even if it's the last thing to do

FRANCESCO-The only way to his place is a tomb it’s called the tomb of the living and the death

JACK-The living and the dead

FRANCESCO-Yes, that is the only way. So let's go

JACK-Jesus Christ


SMITH-We have been searching all day and it seems there is no sign of such tomb here

JACK-Let's keep searching

FRANCESCO-Guys come over I think I have found the tomb

SMITH-Are you sure

FRANCESCO-Am very sure, I can't lie about that Elizabeth is waiting for us over there

FRANCESCO-As you can see its real, this is a roman word written on its wall saying who is the author of the world

JACK-Who is the author of the world, who is asking that

FRANCESCO-I don’t know but that is the question you all have to answer


FRANCESCO-Yes, you all need to answer that. I think that is why you are going for this great mission. So you have known the way so I think you must go now, let's move away the stone {Smith and Jack roll away the stone and they depart into tomb} look after the kid make sure he is save and don't fall for evils temptation. May God's amazing grace be with you and surely shall you return safe


ELIZABETH-I can’t believe what’s happening from a tomb to a no where land

SMITH-I can’t believe such a place exist on earth

JACK-This is unbelievable

OLANDIA-{in a hiding place} this is incredible so some people are trying to stop the great makazim, we shall see how long this will last


OLANDIA-Mater, Master, Master

MAKAZIM-Why are you shouting and what is bothering you


MAKAZIM-Yes, Olandia what is it

OLANDIA-We have got company, some people are after us and I believe they want to stop us

MAKAZIM-Who are they

OLANDIA-I don’t know, but they are on their way here

MAKAZIM-That is impossible, how did they got to know the way here, someone might have known all our plans, yes someone is definitely behind this, they want to stop us

OLANDIA-Who master

MAKAZIM-Thomas you are behind this, you want my downfall, you want me to fail. I will deal with you this time, I will not spare you, have had enough of your threat. Olandia prepare the armies they asked for war and we shall give it to them

OLANDIA-Alright master

MAKAZIM-Thomas I think we have a lot to settle


{Thomsas praying}

THOMAS-Lord you have chosen, so the world might be save, lord guide them from the hands of the wicked, let thy will be done and be accomplish. Amen {claps}

MAKAZIM-Bravo, bravo, bravo, the man of God how are you doing today, it shows you are seriously busy; I think my present has not interrupted your praying vigil. I came to pay you a visit or are you not happy to see an old friend on a wonderful night

THOMAS-What do you want here?

MAKAZIM-Oh, don’t get offended, I come in peace

THOMAS-So what can I do for you Makazim

MAKAZIM-What can you do for me

THOMAS-Yes I want to know

MAKAZIM-Okay I will tell you, Thomas why are you running after me, why can’t you face your preaching and gospel?

THOMAS-I never had anything to do with you, I only come into matters that concerns the world. And you are the one trying to ruin human race because of your evil and hatred to what God has made

MAKAZIM-So how on earth does that concerns you

THOMAS- a lot Makazim, a lot. Am human, and I know you are full of disastrous act and my God will stop you and your evil master

MAKAZIM-What a plan, so that is why you send those kids to me, I knew by now they must have failed you and your God or don’t you think there are too small to stop the great Makazim

THOMAS-You can’t do anything to them the lord I serve will protect them from you and behold you are nothing in the face of the lord

MAKAZIM-Then we shall see who is nothing

THOMAS-Look I don’t have time for this

MAKAZIM-Even me I don’t, but someone here has known more than he should and see more than what he should

THOMAS-Then who has

MAKAZIM-You Thomas, you have know more than you should and has you are I can see death in your face, crying for your soul and I think we have to give him what he want. Thomas you deserve to die and your God can’t do anything to save you

THOMAS-If it is the will of God that I will die, then so be it. But I know my true Lord will never keep quiet and see you turning the earth into darkness

MAKAZIM-Then let see who rules {Evil Laughs}



OLANDIA-Yes lord

MAKAZIM-So have you done as we have planed

OLANDIA-Yes master, our armies have set an ambushed no way for them, so what about Thomas

MAKAZIM-Oh poor Thomas I can’t believe he can die so cheaply that his God cannot even save his soul lets rejoice for the world is ours


JACK-We have been walking for seven days now, no signs, am worried

RAPHAEL-Can we just rest for a little minute

JACK-Yeah I think so; we have been walking for many hours now


He sits on a bench and a man walk down to him and sat beside him

SATAN-You looking into the world


SATAN-Don’t you love how beautiful it is

RAPHAEL-It’s nice and wonderful

SATAN-That’s good, Raphael if I tell you something will you believe

RAPHAEL-Well I will if it is real and true

SATAN-It’s real and true about the world, and it works for those who believe in it, so do you

RAPHAEL-Let me hear it before I could believe it

SATAN- Alright, You see how big the earth is, how wonderful and great everything work on it, but these things belong to one man

RAPHAEL-yes, I knew



SATAN-So who do you think?

RAPHAEL-Jehovah lord the king of glory is the author of heaven and earth and in him alone I believed. I know you are evil and you cannot bind me with your lies because I have known the truth and with it I shall lay on. Go and leave me alone you Devil

SATAN-Don’t be stupid

RAPHAEL-Am not, I know my God he never speaks to his children that way. Go and never come back to me, you are evil

SATAN- but I assure you that your God will not help you when the time comes. Because I and I alone will rule the world, then you shall bow down to the great Lucifer {Satan disappear}
He wakes up scared

ELIZABETH-What is it, you scared us

RAPHAEL-Am sorry, I have a nightmare

ELIZABETH-A nightmare, what happened

RAPHAEL-He came to me


RAPHAEL-Satan, asking me to believe and bow down to him that he his the author of the world and no one can deny him of that, he keeps threatening me but I reject him. He gets annoyed and left

ELIZABETH-This is serious, that means he his really after you, he wants you to believe in him and accept him because he knew you can stop him. But I have faith in the lord that his word will not go without been fulfilled Satan and Makazim must surely fall

SMITH-{Smith runs to meet the others} we got company we need to leave here now

JACK-No we can’t they will keep running after us, I got an idea Elizabeth and Raphael you can leave. Smith and I will stay and fight them we will take that as our role, at least what matter most now is God fulfillment. Smith let’s be brave, go now {Elizabeth and Raphael run through the bush}

SMITH-Look they are coming towards us lets hide {they hide}

GUARD 1-This strange, I smell human blood

GUARDS2-Me too, but it can’t be possible, no human can walk to the end of the world alive

GUARD1- I can feel human spirits, guards lets search any human found should be killed
{Hundreds of guards move on looking for humans}


MAKAZIM-I don’t know what’s happening, every second I keep feeling someone is trying to stop us, trying to stop us for ruling the world

OLANDIA-But, master that is impossible, no human or gods could stop us

MAKAZIM-I believe so, maybe I was only feeling victory {laughs} by tomorrow we will be the ruler nothing else but the ruler of the earth

OLANDIA-Master, everything is working well but what about the boy

MAKAZIM-The boy, we have tried all we could do to confuse him but he act stupid, but am not afraid of him and I knew he cant get here to stop us. And by tomorrow we are the lord of the earth and who ever refuse our desire will die even him will dies {they laughs}

SATAN-Yes, certainly he must die I have meet him many times but he proves stubborn but I assure you his God will fail him and his people

MAKAZIM-I believe so my lord as you can see the world is coming our way

ELIZABETH-Don’t rejoice so much to extent of failing to watch your back

MAKAZIM-Un, who a hell are you to confront the great Makazim and how did you useless human get here

ELIZABETH-You will know when the time comes, {Raphael comes out of hide}

RAPHAEL-The time is now, Makazim today is your end and you will know the meaning of the true God which we serve

MAKAZIM-Raphael don’t get fooled by the people called Christians, they can't led you to the right way, but we shall make you great, you will possessed on everything your heart desire

RAPHAEL-No makazim, you can’t fool me with all your vanity, because I have seen the light and the light lives in me

MAKAZIM-Surely I agreed you have decided who to follow but I promise you today that the real god will reveal it’s self, Olandia seize the lady and let me settle some scores with Raphael
{Olandia moves to Elizabeth}

ELIZABETH-Don’t lay your hands on me {he pushed her into a room and lock the door} you lock me but I know my lord will free me

OLANDIA-Shut up, let see if he will

MAKAZIM-Raphael, this is the last chance am offering you, renounces him and live forever

RAPHAEL-I cant he his the true God, which I will forever serve, because he lives in me

MAKAZIM-Come off that, there is no God and no heaven, earth will remain forever and no one can stop that. Renounce him and live forever with us on earth

RAPHAEL-I am the resurrection and the life says the lord, he that believeth in him though he died, yet shall live eternally. So Makazim I rather die by your sword than to accept a false god who everything about is vanity

MAKAZIM-I now see that you won’t change, well that’s better and a good decision, but you making me angry and if you force me I will do what I never wanted to

RAPHAEL-Let me tell you this, am not afraid of you, I will advice you do what you wishes, but I knew the truth will forever reign

MAKAZIM-Renounce him now or die never to remember you for once live

RAPHAEL-Kill me, but I believe I will go to heaven to live in his eternal glory
{makazim brings out a sword}

MAKAZIM-You have chosen your destiny and so be it {then he struck him at his right chest and threw him on the wall} it’s very bad you won't be alive to see the great tomorrow. Take this as you die lonely {he throw the sword and meet someone}

RAPHAEL-Jack, why did you came to die in place for me

JACK-Don’t be silly, face your destiny, let the will of God be fulfilled

MAKAZIM-Wonderful, what a savior he came to save you just as a kind man who came to the world to die for his people, but that have not change my plans you can’t run away from my spells, I have struck ones and I will strike again. I have another plan for you

RAPHAEL-Do what all you can but I believe my God and my redeemer live and shall never watch and see you taking over the world

MAKAZIM-I should have spared you so you could see how we will rule our world, but unfortunately you lose the key to see this wonderful new world of ours. Raphael it’s over your soul is needed by the spirit of death, he is crying for your soul and we have to let go.

RAPHAEL-So be it, if that will prove to you how much I serve the only true living God

MAKAZIM- {He looks into Raphael’s eyes and said} Raphael I command you by the power vested on me by Satan I hear by command death to strike you {few minutes later Raphael falls down and die.} I warned you young boy but you never listen. So be it you have said and so it has happened


Raphael walking alone then an Angel appeared
ANGEL-Hello kid


ANGEL-Where are you heading to in a narrow path alone?

RAPHAEL-I don’t know where I am going, where I am coming from or who I am. and who are you?

ANGEL-Well I am a servant of God thy lord the true living God which you and I serve. As for whom you are and your destination I know that you are coming from somewhere and you are heading to a place where you will get to someday, because you are someone born with a mission. But has things is going now you are leaving without the mission accomplished. You are heading to heaven which is your home but it is not over until it is finished, go back and let thy King will be done

RAPHAEL-The king will

ANGEL- Yes, thy king will, you are chosen and you shall conquer. Go and fulfill {the angel disappeared}


MAKAZIM-Go gets the stubborn boy body so the feast may begin

OLANDIA-Yes master

MAKAZIM-So finally the day has come and we shall rule the world and be the world only hope {Olandia enters} Olandia were is the body

OLANDIA-Master something strange is about to happen

MAKAZIM-What is that tell me

OLANDIA-The body, the body, I can’t found the body it has been taken away, it wasn’t there were I kept it

MAKAZIM-Come of that and stop all those thrash. Tell me the truth I need to hear the real truth

RAPHAEL-Makazim {Makazim looks up} that is the real truth am alive my body is no more were you kept it. My Lord has raised me away from the dead and with him I am save, for he has said whether I live, I live unto him; and whether I die, I die unto the him; live therefore or die I am of the lord. and today I live unto him

MAKAZIM-You son of a bitch you can not stop us today, this is more than what you and your God can stop. The world is ours we shall control everything on it and it’s beyond you to stop us

RAPHAEL-Let me remind you of something that no weapon fashioned against me shall fall on me because am of the lord

MAKAZIM-Bastard I will get you. Spirit of darkness befall the earth am in control {darkness fills the earth} thy judgment has come boy face the wrath of the great makazim {he disappeared}

RAPHAEL-Why running, show your self and feel the fight of divine

MAKAZIM-Here I am {he shows himself and tries to stab Raphael}

RAPHAEL-All this can’t work for you, you are a loser it’s just hard for you to face the defeat {Raphael removes the divine cross of his neck and use it has lightning for him to get on Makazim


RAPHAEL-Makazim I can’t fall for your tricks no more I can see you clearly now

MAKAZIM-No it’s impossible how did you saw me

RAPHAEL-That shows my God never fails and his works seems impossible to people like you but worthy to the righteous

MAKAZIM-Really { makazim brings out a knife suddenly}

RAPHAEL-{Raphael holds his hands} you can’t hurt the son of God, for you to do that you will end up hurting yourself. Makazim it is over now, take this as your will for the world get dashed {he takes the cross and put it in his mouth} feels his great power as your wall falls in front of the great king

MAKAZIM-What have you done, I have begin to feel the breathing of death, no it’s impossible

RAPHAEL-You did it to yourself, no one did. Your wall is collapsing, no pillar to hold it for you
{Makazim fell down and died that night and darkness leave the surface of the earth} it is over

JOHN-Welcome, children of God, I have been waiting for you

ELIZABETH-Where is Thomas

JOHN-That’s a long story, but to cut it short, he is killed. The mark on him is like of a dangerous wolf

ELIZABETH-Why was he killed

JOHN-For revealing everything about him and trying to stop him and his master Satan, letting you all knowing about the underworld, let’s forget about that I believe he will be in the lord’s glory. So where his Jack and Smith

RAPHAEL-Jack was killed while trying to help me and no one can tell what happens to Steve, we can’t found him

JOHN-I believe they are in heaven, happy and proud for you have not let them down. Let’s rejoice our lord word never go unfulfilled. Today we have now see how the true living God work, the lord that answer by fire, the holy lord. Well it is fulfilled but not over, because you still have a lot to do, by going to the world leading the people the way of the true God, teaching them what your father in heaven have observe.

RAPHAEL-Thank you lord for not letting the devil to overcome the earth

JOHN-Never relax because they will never stop until it is over

SATAN-Fools they taught it is over, but it has just started, I will never stop until the world bow to me and call me master {evil laughs}


SATAN-Olandia, Olandia, can you hear me

OLANDIA-Yes who is that?

SATAN-I, your lord and master

OLANDIA-Show yourself and let me see

SATAN-Here I am

OLANDIA-Oh master, sorry for how I speak

SATAN-That’s okay, I came to tell you the mission ahead

OLANDIA-Am ready master, show me the way and I will make you proud



Published: 2008-02-11
Author: Akinfenwa Bolaji

About the author or the publisher
Am young boy of twenty, have been a good script writer, and i believe through this great company i will achieve my goal as a script writer.

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