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The Last Papacy Regime: Why The Title of the Pope "666" Was Justified

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As a prophecy fulfills from one generation to another with various similarities, the last seven years of the prophet Daniel partially fulfilled within the Roman Empire in which our Lord was born as the Savior of the whole world. The last Seven years will be a mixture of both the Kingdom of God and that of the Antichrist. The Pagan Roman government in power handed over power to the Bishop of Roman known as the Pope who ruled for 1260 years which represent the 1260 days which is three and half years. Also there was a change in the programme for the fact that the Pope representing the saints would have ruled first before taken over by the Antichrist known as the Pagan Roman Empire as fulfillment of any prophecy vary from one generation to another.

The Papacy regime lasted for 1260 years from AD 538 to AD 1798 known as the Dark Ages in whose period the signs of the second coming of Jesus such as the falling of the stars and the darkness of the earth was first manifested. For more details read my article on ‘THE ZODIAC SIGNS OF THE END-TIMES”

God partially fulfilled the last seven years programme within the old Roman Empire in which two kingdoms were established; that is, the Kingdom of the Antichrist under Nero Caesar known as the Antichrst of that time who headed the Pagan Roman kingdom that was ruling the whole world and the Kingdom of the Saints under the Bishop of Rome known as the Papacy regime.

At this time, Roman Catholic churches headed by the Pope were ruling the whole world who took over from the Pagan Roman Empire. At this time, the mark of the beast 666 emerged and Nero Caesar whose name in both in alphabets and both in the Roman and Hebrew numeral was sumed up to the figure 666 as predicted in Revelation chapter 13; it says, “Count the number of his name” he was the real antichrist and not the POPE. The antichrist will be some one who will wage war against Christians so that the name of Jesus should not be preached and that is the actual meaning of “ antichrist” just a Apostle Paul did before he was converted from Judaism to Christianity. This was what Nero Caesar did as the antichrist who persecuted and killed several Christians including Apostle Peter in Rome.

While the Bishop of Rome known as the Pope was the First Son of God entitled to rule the whole with the rod of iron who emerged to rescure the suffering Christians in those days. As predicted in the books of the Prophets, he bore all the titles of God as the representative of God’s Kingdom on earth (Rev. 19:13); so that through that title, “SON OF GOD” many Christians who do not understand the scripture become so offended and regard as blasphemy just as the Jews were offended in the days of Christ while he was on earth whose title led to his death just as the mark of the antichrist is to make others fall and to receive persecution in case of none acceptance of the mark 666.

For more details, read my article on ‘THE SONSHIP OF JESUS: WHEN IT BECOMES A TITLE”

Similarly, the Pope was entitled” VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD” whose alphabetical numerical was also sumed upto the figure 666 as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of the world who ruled with a rod of iron for 1260 years who destroyed pagan nations that did not repent and Christians nations that did not obey his command were wiped out from the face of the earth as predicted(Isa 60:12 & Rev. 19:15-16). Just as predicted, the title “SON OF GOD” which is Jesus, the Rock of offence shall make many stumble and fall like the Jews .Just for that purpose the title of the Pope was ‘666’implied. Therefore, the Lord told the Jews that, when the kingdom of God shall be established in another nation, it will break into pieces those offenders and will grand them to power in the same way the Antichrist will do to the Christians which the title of the Pope implied(Mat. 21:43-46).

Also to confirmed the word of Jesus Christ which partially fulfilled during the Papacy regime, he told Apostle John in the book of Revelation chapter 11, that he will grand his two witnesses power to prophesy for 1260 days (which fulfilled as 1260 years instead in that generation) and shall destroy whosoever that hurt them. Consequently, the Papacy lasted for 1260 years under the regimes of the various succeeding Popes that ruled who excised this great authority throughout the whole world and several Christians were consumed by the wrath of individual Pope in power just as Jesus predicted to the Jews who did not believe in him because he claimed that he was the Son of God.

In order to fulfill the prophecy of the Prophets, the Bible was taken away from them who raised strong oppositions against the Pope quoting from the very bible; these are those who claimed that they know the scripture very well and no one can deceive them just as the Jews did to the Son of God and as many of those who confront the Pope were killed. Thus the Pope was treated by the disobedient Christians in the same manner the Son of God was treated as literally crucified in Jerusalem as predicted but this time will face his wrath from the Pope (Rev. 11:8).
The period the bible was taken away from the Christians except the Roman Catholic Priests is known as the “Dark Ages” which lasted for 1260 years. So the word of God was sealed up and there was famine of hearing the Word of God, even the educated ones cannot see the bible to read as the prophecy of the prophets implied(Isa 8:14-16, Amose 8:11-12 & Isa. 29:11-14).

In the days of the King of Babylon, Prophet Jeremiah told king Zedekiah to go and submit to him that he had choosen him to rule the whole world but the king refused and put Jeremiah in the dugeon while Prophet Hananiah countered the prophecy of Jeremiah that the king of Babylon cannot come to invade Jerusalem to hardened the heart of King Zedekaiah and Jeremiah rebuked Hananah and he died as a lying prophet and the King of Babylon came and invaded Jerusalem and carried them all to Babylon. Thefore those Christians whose disobeyed the Pope became the false Hananiah and the obedient ones were the Prophet Jeremiah who understood the time and season of the saints to rule according to the teachings of the Pope.

Prophet Daniel addressed the Pagan king of Babylon as “The King of Kings” as a title by virtue of his office as the King of the whole world (and not that King of Kings ONLY apply to Jesus Christ alone) to whom he had given the whole world to rule. According to prophecy of Jeremiah, God even called the Pagan King o f Babylon “My Servant” how much more the Bishop of Rome being the Lord’s Anointed and his Representative in God’s kingdom.( Daniel chapter 2:36-38, Jeremiah chapter 27 to 29, Rev. 2:25-28 & Amose 9:11-12 ).

During the Papacy regime not all the Popes who came to power did everything right or perfect just like the Kings of Israel including King David and King Solomon; there were lot of errors done being the initial fulfillment of God’s kingdom on earth and that was the first time for the saints to rule the world. Those errors should not be carried over to the next dispensation and Christians should not judge the present from the past experience as though the past errors are going to repeat.. The Papacy headed by the Pope and the Roman Catholic Priests where the people in charge of the government of the saints coupled with ancient civilization but in this end-time God’s Kingdom is going to set up which will comprise of the Jews, Christians and Muslims world wide and each religions body will be involved in the administration of the government beginning from the local to the national and international levels using the Hamonized laws as constitution drawn from the Holy Koran and the Holy Bible with the headquarters in a neutral country; no more Rome, Mecca or Jerusalem but in Cape Town in South Africa as was revealed to me from the scroll.

Published: 2006-10-05
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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