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The Little Giant Ladder is on the top of my list of gifts

Little Giant Ladder

I sometimes have trouble sleeping and I find that I often can’t sleep because I am watching something that really does me no good to watch. There are so many show-length commercials on during the wee hours of the night. Most of them are not appealing to me and many of them are downright annoying. However, I did come across one product that got my attention. The Little Giant Ladder is a great invention and even though I despise infomercials, I do like the Little Giant Ladder.

The more research I did on the product, the more I liked it. The Little Giant Ladder is unique in that it can be set up in a number of unique ways. The ladder can be safely put into any number of positions that guarantee that the user can reach the area he is working on without the fear of losing balance. The ladder is extremely strong and it carries a nice guarantee assuring quality and durability.

The Little Giant Ladder is on the top of my list of gifts for my husband. He does not have a lot of tools. He has the standard tool set that just about every man has. He has a couple drills and saws as well, but I often see him paging through Lowe’s and Home Depot advertisements with a dreamy look in his eyes. In spite of his dreaming of any number of tools, I do think that the Little Giant Ladder is the next man-toy I should get.

My husband has three ladders. Two are aluminum and one is wooden. They are each unreliable. This year, he painted the entire exterior of our house using these three pathetic ladders. I couldn’t watch him while he was painting and I thanked our lucky stars that we don’t have a two-story house. The ladders were awkward and wobbly. He could only work in small areas before he had to move his entire set-up. A Little Giant Ladder would have saved him hours in time and it would have saved him a lot of aggravation.

One of the Little Giant Ladder features that are really appealing is that the ladder can be set up on uneven surfaces. We have no even surfaces on our property. We actually have no even surfaces in our house at all. The Little Giant Ladder can be arranged to accommodate uneven surfaces. It can be placed on steps as well. This will come in handy when we paint the interior of the home. By “we” I mean my husband paints while I watch.

I think that my husband will be ecstatic when he gets his Little Giant Ladder. I think that I will include a list of projects that can be accomplished much easier with the handy ladder. Now I just need an excuse to give him the gift. The Little Giant Ladder would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It does tell him that he is loved and that I want him to be safe.
Published: 2006-07-30
Author: Eric Raymond

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