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Offlate there has been a great furore over some nefarious communal activities of BJP and their allied organizations, like attack on unarmed and disorganized Christians in the name of contesting and fighting what they saw as forced proselytisations. In this context it may be desirable to take another look at the duplicitous organizations psyche.

BJP's politics also give a probably correct impression that it has to be regarded as a contemporary legatee of many medieval deccan dynasties like chalukyas etc. There are a number of strong reasons behind this. BJP has had its origins in the karnataka-maharashtra-andhra region, the home to the above mentioned dynasties. The political activities of BJP in tamilnadu like supporting a non-existent matha at kanchi etc, show that it wants to gain permanent foothold in south. BJP , Has previously attempted and still continues to covertly and overtly take up the management and “ownership” of ancient temples of tamil nadu. For this purpose it is working alongside pseudo-scholars, and pseudo-intellectuals to come up with fabricated thheories “linking” it to those temples historically. The RSS organization regularly brings in people at different position who take up tamil names and claim to be “tamil brahmins”. The “brahminical” identity of many such people itself remains suspect. A good number of these people are from deccan. With the help of anti-socials and vested interests within the state of TN and south they create an identity for themselves linking them to the state from remote past. The tainted kanchi acharya jayendra saraswathi is known to be a hard supporter of both BJP and shiv sena and those parties have used that falseful math’s influence to gain political ascendancy.But this is not only for generally known motives of gaining power in tamil south. The less known reason seems to be the fact that BJP, considering the humiliating defeat and further annihilations suffered by medieval deccani dynasties like chalukyas etc at the hands of the powerful and imperialist ancient tamil royal races of cholas and pallavas,sees an oppurtunity now centuries after the demise of the above mentioned tamil royalties, to make up for those humiliations.Infact, this did not happen all of a sudden.

Foundations for these activities were laid by titular(under british authority) deccan chiefs of tanjore from 18th century on and to a lesser extent by the nayaks of vijayanagar dynasty. All of whom came down atleast a few centuries after the demise of the brilliant chola empire. The nayak chiefs and their nobles are also guilty of manipulating and forging the available authentic grants belonging to cholas and pallavas and also smuggling a few. It is well known fact that the deccani dynasties among the others were inveterate foes of the powerful chola and pallava emperors and the latter never really considered giving up their enmity with the former, renewing it time and again by dispatching predatory expeditions to deccan. To couple with this when in power it also stage managed the kargil conflict with Pakistan only to satisfy its envy at what it saw was a congress led victory in 1971 war.

It is very clear from the above activities of the group that its duplicity, possessiveness and evil is as strong as that of any other sectarian/linguistic group.
Published: 2008-10-17
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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