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The lockerbie case and compassion

Lockerbie, bomber, compassion

There have been hundreds of reports and investigations pouring in on the web regarding the Lockerbie bomber Al- Megrahi now released by the Scottish government on compassionate grounds, as he dying due to terminal prostate cancer. The Scottish Chief Justice Secretary stated to the BBC “he is going home to die.” Well, the loved ones of the victims say that the Lockerbie bomber can still die very well in the Scottish Prison!” What are these conflicting interests of nations, people and the judicial systems? After 9/11 attacks people have stopped looking at terrorists and terrorist organizations as shades of grey. They are either black or white.

There can be strong political and international interests in this release but people world over raise one single question. Does the Lockerbie bomber who was instrumental in the killing of 290 innocent lives deserve compassion, even if it is available under law? The Scottish government by releasing the prisoner has implemented the law of its land “…………. and compassion be made available.”

Again, there is repeated question on what grounds was compassion made available? The relatives of the victims feel they are in a wrong world and the accused in a killing, is walking away to spend the last days of his life in home with his family. There can also be a miniscule percentage who would agree that this is an act of humanity and there is no grace and dignity in trying to kill a killer when he is already dying! The world stands divided amongst these interests of political, international agreements, sentiments, and ideology. The impact of this act good or bad in terms of international relations, judgments, and public outrage, is yet to manifest itself to the world!!
Published: 2009-08-22
Author: Shirley Shivkumar

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