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The Love Creed


I believe in the name of love,

The name thats adored by young and old,rich and poor,black and white,gay and straight,literate and illiterate and all kinds of humanity.

The name whose fame rests upon its kindness,sincerity and eternity,
A name thats cherished from east to west,north to south and from all dark and light corners of this majestic universe,
A name that runs through everyones mind on the 14th of february,
I deeply believe in that name whoch makes man and woman to share visions,mysteries and dreams.

That very name whose course never runs smoothand is always jealous,
I believe in that name that shatters binded hearts and mends brokenn hearts.

I believe in the language of love.
The language thats spoken by all tribes of all planets.
The language thats spoken in heaven and hell.
A language thats spoken by birds in the air and fish in the sea.
I believe in the language thats persecuted by Lucifa for being the prime cause of the cross at Golgotha.
A language whose origin is unknown beyond measure but its culture,custom and ancestors are respected by all kinds of nature,
I deeply believe in that language thats second to none amongst all hymns and creeds.

I believe in the treasure of love.
A treasure that was hidden in the palace of king xerxes and Queen Esther.
A treasure whose father and mother are Adam and Eve.
A treasure that brought Prophet Mohammad and Khaadijjah together.
That very treasure sought for by Joseph and Mary mother of Christ.
I strongly believe in that treasure that brought Julius Caesar and Cleopatra together.

A treasure yearned to by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
I still believe in that treasure that binded Jack and Rose.
I enormously cherish that treasure that led to the reconciliation of the house of Capulets and that of the Montagues hence not letting Romeo and Juliet to lay asunder.
Published: 2009-01-30

About the author or the publisher
am a ugandan and i love writing very much


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