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The Love I Found

Emotions of love

Lonely days, lonely nights, crawling in comparison to form a torturous. The morning, the evening, blending together to form a torturous collage my life a cold wind, blowing in a barren urban area.

Then I saw the sunrise in your eyes, I felt like the sunflower on its endless journey to face warmth and the child inside myself crawled towards the light. That was the love I searched for my life over and arms outstretched. I was embraced with love and security, the eyes spoke, the feelings soared and the wind brought a blinding love with our coincidental meeting with hands joined, conversation flowing and the time ticking to the beat of my overflowing heart. Wishing for time to cease altogether as to prolong this evening in utopia you're refilling the cracks in my desperate heart with what was absent for years. And now I can sing and tell the days, the years, and all the couples to share in the feelings of what I have found. My pen and words couldn't possibly expense my raw emotions. I can say, looking to me and view my happiness, the shine in my eyes when she is near.

And now, I have what I want and love what I have.

Tarek Nassif
Published: 2007-04-05
Author: Tarek Nassif

About the author or the publisher
At any age life is lived a page at a time One chapter closes, another opens. Everybody has a story so fine.An auto-biography, I, Tarek Nassif was born to write my legacy by the trade mark gift given to me by the power of the spirit of God Prayer is of God's presence Time is of the essence trade mark gifts from God are like the nostalgia rivers that roll on by as a Man, I could see a magical beauty never to be forgotten .We are all like a nostalgia river we must follow God's trade mark gifts to flow onward,rolling on by, never to stand still, never to die,and allow our darkest nights to be as bright as the sun to shine for others.

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