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The mobile phone hazard

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As evident, too much of anything is dangerous! Be it eating Pizzas or Ice-creams or watching TV or playing on the computer. Getting addicted to a particular thing may be risky. So is the case with using of mobile phones. Though people are becoming dependent on this miniature device day by day, prolonged use of mobile phones may be hazardous. It may lead to great health risks of which most of the users are unaware.
A recent study conducted by the researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, it is found that prolonged mobile phone use may damage sperm cells in male users. Another Finnish study, published online in the International Journal of Cancer, suggests that using a mobile phone regularly may increase the risk of developing brain tumour. This study done by a team of researchers of various universities headed by Anna Lahkola of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland found strong corollary evidences that prolonged use of mobile phones increases the possibilities of getting a brain tumour called a glioma.
The results found by both the groups of researchers are still to be proved, but the findings deserve concern and it is high time to take precautions if at all any risks are involved in using mobile phones. The research done by a team of researchers of Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine were based on a study of 361 men attending the clinic for infertility tests. Among the four groups whom they have divided for convenience of studies, the men who used the mobile phones for more than four hours showed a 30 percent drop in sperm motility and viability in comparison to the men who did not use mobile phones. Moreover, the quality, quantity and shape of the sperms also reduced with each level of increased phone usage.
Many doctors and scientists are worried about the probable consequences of using mobile phones. Though using a mobile phone is just like using your comb or pen, but there is enough probability that prolonged use of mobile phones might have devastating effect on fertility. Many scientists and doctors even opine that mobile phones might damage the DNA of users, disrupt the testosterone-producing cells, or shrink the tubules that create sperm. However further studies are to be initiated whether mobile phone use can actually affect male fertility or not. And before blaming mobile phone to be the sole factor affecting fertility, various other factors, including smoking, stress, sedentary occupations, age, weight and other health problems are to be considered.
On the flip side of these views there are certain others who have a complete different opinion. The senior lecturer of andrology at Sheffield University, U.K., Alan Pacey comments that if one uses the mobile phone for hours in a day, it is obvious that most of the time it is out of the pocket. In such situations how could it cause testicular damage? Since a user holds the phone to for a longer time how could it directly affect his testes.
So, most of them suggests that there might be some other reasons. May be people are more stressed, more sedentary and may be due taking too much of junk food. Many a times, the junk food which lead to obesity also enhance the risk of infertility. Since sperms are very sensitive to temperature, rise in temperature could also be responsible. Mobile phones also emit heat, and people have a tendency to hold the mobile phones in their lap while sending messages, so it may heat the groin area. However, one cannot completely rule out that long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation may damage the DNA of sperm cells. Similarly, there is also every possibility that these radiations might affect many other organs and tissues of the body.
Though it is ambiguous and unproved whether mobile phone usage is hazardous or not, it cannot be completely neglected. Mobile phone usage may or may not cause brain tumour, infertility or cognitive disabilities, but if at all any risks are involved it really deserves genuine concern.
Published: 2007-08-12
Author: Pallavi Borgohain

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